The mystery of post-finasteride syndrome

Pgoto of finasteride 1mg and 5mg medicine packs

There is currently very little research into Post-Finasteride Syndrome (PFS), probably in part to it being rare and also the varying side effects that sufferers experience. Not all doctors are aware of this syndrome, however it was recognised in the USA in their list of rare and genetic diseases in 2015.

What is PFS?

Finasteride 1mg, also known by the brand name Propecia, is used to treat male pattern baldness. It is also used at a higher dose of 5mg to treat men with symptoms from enlarged prostates. As with all drugs, there is the potential to experience side effects from the medication – erectile dysfunction and reduced libido being the most common. In most cases these side effects settle when the medication is stopped and is no longer in the body’s system. However, rarely, some men continue to experience sexual dysfunction alongside other neurological and physical symptoms and this has been termed PFS. It can be diagnosed if the symptoms persist 3 months after stopping the medication and there are no pre-existing illnesses or current medical conditions or medications that could account for the symptoms.

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Finasteride 1mg supply changes

Actavis Aindeem finasteride 1mg tablets packet
Actavis Aindeem discontinued

Actavis bought by Accord

Actavis UK & Ireland rebranded to become Accord Healthcare in 2017, and has now discontinued Actavis Aindeem branded generic finasteride 1mg (packs of 28 and 84 tablets). This has had a knock-on effect on UK supplies of other finasteride 1mg brands, as not all manufacturers offer the 84-tablet pack size, creating further demand on the smaller 28-tablet pack sizes.

The new EU Falsified Medicines Directive is also now in effect (February 2019) and the new packaging requirements has also contributed to production delays.

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Men’s hair loss: what are your options?

Man with male pattern hair lossA common concern for many men, hair loss occurs when the hair follicles stop producing hair growth. Known as alopecia, it is particularly a worry for men, who often see a loss of hair as an unwanted sign of premature ageing.

The reality is that male pattern hair loss is in fact an entirely normal part of ageing – up to 100 hairs are lost from your head every day. However, given that you have more than 100,000 hairs on your head, you probably wouldn’t notice it day to day. Some individuals, however, experience excessive hair loss and it is these people that often suffer the most. What should be remembered, though, is that medical help is available. Read in full

Propecia from Boots – is it the cheapest option?

Boots pharmacy exterior of shopNo. While Boots is the most ubiquitous high-street pharmacy in the UK, it is often not the cheapest option for many medicines, and not for men requiring Propecia to treat male pattern hair loss.

Currently (March 2022) Boots sell finasteride tablets from 82p each – this is for generic finasteride 1mg, not branded Propecia from Merck. Boots sell Propecia from £1.19 per tablet.

How to buy from Boots

To buy Propecia from Boots you will need to register with the Boots Hair Loss Online Clinic, and complete a medical questionnaire. After 2 days you can either pick-up your order from a Boots store or local Post Office, or have it delivered

Dr Fox also provides a mail order option for just 38p per tablet (plus small prescription fee and P&P). Dr Fox also provides branded Propecia. Read in full

Finasteride 1mg price reduction

generic finasteride 1mg
Effective hair loss tablets
now available from 35p per day.

Finasteride 1mg is used to help prevent and restore male hereditary hair loss. In clinical trials, hair growth usually starts to improve after three months of taking finasteride 1mg tablets. Two thirds of men will benefit from renewed hair growth. Maximum benefit is seen after two years.

Generic Propecia (finasteride 1mg) was licenced in the UK in October 2014, although initially at a high cost similar to Merck branded Propecia.

Since then the price has reduced significantly and Dr Fox can now offer treatment from 35p per day, which is over 50% lower cost than other UK online doctors. Propecia/finasteride 1mg is a long term daily tablet taken (by men only) over several years, so the savings can be significant. Read in full

Is Propecia for me?

propeciaHair loss can be a traumatic, whether it happens rapidly or over the space of years. For some, it has to do with more than just losing hair, it can be about losing an important part of identity.

There are a number of treatments to help combat hair loss. Once you begin to investigate you will inevitably start to hear about Propecia. This pharmacological treatment has helped plenty of men over the years to have renewed hair growth with minimal side effects, but it is not a miracle cure. Read on to see if Propecia has the potential to meet your expectations.

What is Propecia?

Propecia, also known by its active ingredient finasteride, is a drug that prevents testosterone from turning into dihydrotestosterone, or DHT. In susceptible men DHT can reduce the activity of hair follicles, which in turn can result in hair loss. Reduction of DHT by taking regular finasteride is currently one of the only proven method of slowing hair loss, the other being topical minoxidil (Regaine). Propecia/finasteride is prescribed in 1mg tablets and is taken once daily. Read in full

Exploring the genetics of hair loss

man genetic baldnessWhere does hair loss originate? While there may be environmental factors and even psychological issues that cause thinning and loss of hair, genetics are actually responsible for a majority of cases of alopecia (the scientific term for hair loss). The more information available about the causes of each particular case, the easier it is to determine the right treatment and start down the path.

Which side does hair loss come from?

It is a common belief that if you are a man you need to look at your mother’s father. If he is bald, there is a good chance you will be bald as well. This statement is not entirely wrong but it is an oversimplification. The genes that your maternal grandfather passed on are important in determining if you will suffer from male pattern baldness, however the odds of losing your hair increase if there is a history of hair loss on your father’s side as well. The more people with male pattern baldness on both sides of your family tree, the higher the odds that you will suffer from it as well. Read in full

Patent for Propecia expires in the UK

generic finasteride propecia patent
The UK patent for Propecia, a hair loss treatment for men, expired on the 11th Oct 2014. A few days later ‘generic Propecia’ or more accurately ‘generic finasteride’ became available from UK pharmacies. A generic medicine is a medicine which is the same as a branded original, but is prescribed and supplied by its medical name, rather than its brand name.

Propecia is a brand name. The active ingredient of Propecia tablets is finasteride 1mg. Propecia tablets and finasteride 1mg tablets are medically the same.

Dr Fox supplies both branded Propecia tablets from the drug company Merck (MSD), which held the original patent, and lower cost generic finasteride 1mg tablets, which other drug companies have made available since Merck’s UK patent expired.

Why patent expiry matters

When a medicine comes off patent price can fall dramatically. Men, who previously paid very high prices for Propecia, may be able to buy medically identical finasteride 1mg at lower prices. Read in full