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New identity checking

Online identity verification iconDr Fox has introduced extra identity verification checks (Nov 2017). All online clinics are required by the regulator, the Care Quality Commission, to perform these ID checks.

How the checks work

The majority of patients can be verified online instantly by referencing data on their credit profile at the time they make a payment for a prescription. This is called a ‘soft’ check to validate identity only, and is not a check on a person’s credit-worthiness. The ID check will not affect their credit rating.

Patient’s must enter their correct full name and date of birth, and the payment card address that is registered with your payment card provider or bank. The delivery address can be different from the payment card address. Read in full

Dr Fox discount promo codes?

Dr Fox discount coupon does not issue discount coupons or promotional codes, or work with discount voucher code websites.

We are aware of several voucher code websites purporting to offer Dr Fox promo codes but these are all doing so fraudulently.

Dr Fox prices are the lowest available for the majority of items sold, usually 25%-50% lower cost.

Five benefits of an online doctor

online doctorRealising you have a health issue that needs medical attention and treatment can cause anxiety. Not only are you uncomfortable, you now have to think about making time to visit your GP and describing your symptoms in order to receive treatment for your problem.

Although in many instances nothing can replace the necessity of a face-to-face visit – an online doctor cannot inspect an injury or feel for soreness, for example – when it comes to determining your health history, responding to a description of symptoms, and prescribing medicine for common conditions, a virtual consultation can be just as effective. From eliminating the need to describe symptoms in person to access to a large amount of information about your condition, there are many benefits of online doctors and prescription services. Read in full

Website update

Dr Fox website
The Dr Fox website has been updated (30 June 2016) so it is easier to use and provides a consistent experience on all devices (PCs, phones, and tablets).

The layout has remained largely unchanged, with the same simple questionnaires, ordering and re-ordering process, messaging system, and all the other features our patients have come to expect over the years.

This has been the first major update since the website was launched in January 2010, and has taken the team over 12 months to complete!

We hope our users like the changes, and welcome any feedback or suggestions.

Please note the new website does not now support very old browsers (due to standards and security issues).

Customer service stars

The team

suzanneIf you ever have the need to contact Dr Fox administrators you will have dealt with one of our dedicated customer service team:


I am the Governance and Administrator Officer for Index Medical Ltd, the parent company of Dr Fox. I have worked in Health, Housing and Social Care for over 25 years, many of these at Manager or Director level.

I started working with Tony and Dan (the Directors) nearly 5 years ago. I am often the person at the end of the phone responding to patient enquiries.

In my spare time I enjoy keeping fit, exploring nature with my daughter and our sprocker, travelling to exotic locations, and reading historic novels. Read in full

10 facts about online pharmacies in the UK

It is safe to say that the opportunity to consult with a doctor and receive prescription medication over the internet has changed the face of medicine in the UK. But how much do you know about online pharmacies? Read on for 10 facts that will help you understand what medicines they provide and the difference between ethical online pharmacies and all the rest.

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