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Over 50? Are you putting yourself at risk of an STD?

sexual transmitted disease over 50

In the past, STD awareness campaigns have been mainly aimed at the young. However, recent statistics have shown a dramatic rise in STDs in the over 50s, demonstrating that sexually transmitted diseases are not just a problem for the young, but can affect anyone, at any age.

In many ways, the sheer volume of safe sex advertising aimed at the 16-25 age group seems to have had the reverse effect on the older generation. Many over 50s now feel that this is an issue which no longer affects them.

But while many in this generation might not be aware of the growing problem, the medical community, press and health charities are trying to raise awareness. Read in full

Chlamydia treatment online

Azithromycin chlamydia treatment

Azithromycin for chlamydia is a single dose antibiotic. It is the standard antibiotic treatment for chlamydia in the UK.

Azithromycin is effective in nearly all cases. There is little antibiotic resistance. The treatment involves taking only a single dose of antibiotic. Forgetting to take doses or forgetting to finish a course of treatment is not an issue.

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Chlamydia test – test on urine – samples collected at home

Chlamydia often produces no symptoms, particularly in women. It is the commonest sexually transmitted disease found in the UK. The symptoms of chlamydia vary and often go unnoticed.

Dr Fox supplies chlamydia test kits in the post. Included in the test kit is a pot for a urine sample. A urine sample is collected at home. This sample is posted to a laboratory in the envelope provided. The cost of the chlamydia test kit covers the cost of carrying out the test and the cost of returning the test result. Read in full