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What’s in a cold sore? Causes, treatments, advice

woman with cold sore on lip looking in mirrorA cold sore is a painful blister that forms on or around your lip, or sometimes around your nose or eyes. It normally starts with a tingling sensation or itch, followed by painful blisters that may eventually break and ooze infectious liquid.

Though unpleasant, cold sores usually heal on their own within 7-10 days. Read in full

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Cold sore cream – aciclovir cream on prescription

Dr Fox supplies Aciclovir cream on prescription for the treatment of cold sores. Dr Fox also provides information about cold sores and their treatment. We carry out online consultations to issue prescriptions for aciclovir cream.

Cold sores break out when a dormant virus under the skin becomes active. Cold sores come up time and again in the same places, usually around the lips. Cold sores come up in the same place because the virus causing them remains dormant under the skin in the same place between outbreaks of the sores. Read in full