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Preventing and treating migraines

woman in office with migraineMany of us know the feeling when a headache starts to set in. You feel pressure inside your skull, your muscles are tense and light becomes annoying. The pain can become so unbearable that concentration on simple tasks seems impossible.

Most headaches are of the stress type, but migraine is different and is caused by changes in blood flow in and around the brain. Migraine can be incapacitating, forcing you to stay home from work or school and cancel all appointments. Even if you are able to identify your triggers they can still occur. Learn more about how to stave them off and what to do if you feel one coming on. Read in full

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Cheap Imigran Online

Imigran nasal spray

Imigran is a brand name for the drug Sumatriptan. Sumatriptan is available online on prescription. The cost for tablets can be less than ‘over the counter’ Imigran from pharmacies.

Dr Fox supplies Imigran (Sumatriptan) on prescription. The tablets are posted from an NHS pharmacy. The prices shown on the Dr Fox website include the prescription price. Generic sumatriptan on prescription is effectively cheap Imigran.

As well as Sumatriptan tablets Dr Fox supplies branded Imigran Nasal Sprays.
Imigran nasal spray is useful to people who are unable, because of vomiting, to take tablets for their headaches.

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