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Summer festivals and your health

festival health guide

From avoiding STIs to staying hydrated, here’s how to stay healthy during festival season

The summer music festival season is nearly upon on us – a frivolous time of sun, sound systems and your health potentially suffering.  Make sure you’re clapping the bands, not getting the clap, and enjoying the Pyramid stage, not puking into a portaloo, with our cut-out-and-keep guide to festival health.

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World AIDS Day – 1st December 2013

world aids day

What is World AIDS Day?

World AIDS Day is held on 1st December every year. It gives everyone across the world the opportunity to unite and fight against HIV. It also gives people the chance to show their support for people living with the illness as well as remembering and commemorating the people have died from it. The first ever global Worldwide AIDS Day took place in 1988.

Why does World AIDS Day matter?

HIV is one of the most destructive pandemics in global history. Currently, around 100,000 people in the UK are living with the condition, with a further estimated 34 million around the world. Between 1981 and 2007, more than 25 million people have died from the virus.

Over the years, we’ve come to understand a lot more about the condition and many scientific advances have been made to treat HIV, with laws in place to protect people living with the virus. Discrimination and stigma still remain a very real problem for people living with the condition. Read in full

Over 50? Are you putting yourself at risk of an STD?

sexual transmitted disease over 50

In the past, STD awareness campaigns have been mainly aimed at the young. However, recent statistics have shown a dramatic rise in STDs in the over 50s, demonstrating that sexually transmitted diseases are not just a problem for the young, but can affect anyone, at any age.

In many ways, the sheer volume of safe sex advertising aimed at the 16-25 age group seems to have had the reverse effect on the older generation. Many over 50s now feel that this is an issue which no longer affects them.

But while many in this generation might not be aware of the growing problem, the medical community, press and health charities are trying to raise awareness. Read in full

Guide to Herpes

herpes virusHerpes is one of the most common virally transmitted STI’s. There were 32,000 new diagnoses in 2013 (HPA, 2013); this is an 89% increase from 2003. Many people can carry the virus and it will not cause any problems, however some people still suffer great emotional distress when diagnosed due to the generally very negative view of herpes.

If you say ‘cold sore’ people won’t care but herpes and cold sores are in fact both caused by the same virus! There are two types of herpes, one that can affect the face and one that can affect the genital area. Both types can be found at either site.

A Sexual Health Expert’s Guide To Herpes, by Stewart Attridge (specialist sexual health nurse)

Read the full post on the Student Health Guide.

It’s Sexual Health Week

FPA logoAre you looking after your sexual health? As this week is Sexual Health Week – it’s time to start thinking about it.

Chlamydia, genital herpes, HPV, gonorrhoea, syphilis, LGV and HIV – there are plenty of STIs waiting to infect you and it’s important that sexually active people of any age don’t ignore their risk. Read in full

Cheap Azithromycin on Prescription

cheap azithromycinDoctor Fox prides itself on the low prices it provides for genuine health care products; always making sure our prices go unmatched by our competitors.

We ensure that all advice and prescriptions we provide are suitable for your needs through consultations with our team of GMC registered UK doctors. Azithromycin capsules (£14.70) will be dispatched via recorded delivery from Doctor Fox’s pharmacy in Glasgow.

For further information on Chlamydia, the condition azithromycin is commonly used to treat, click here. Read in full

Student Health Guide website

Illustration of male and female students drinking and smokingDr Fox is excited to launch our new Student Health Guide website.

For students it’s easy to forget about your health when there are many more exciting things to do now you are out of the family home.

We have compiled some great student health info to help keep you tip-top including advice on lifestyle, general health, sexual health and travel health.

There is a section to ask the doctor and information on student health centres.

We would also warmly welcome article submissions from students themselves.

The Pocket Guide to Student Health

Being a student is great, you meet new friends and see new places, but with all of these new experiences it can be easy to put a concern for your health on the back burner.

Healthcare access should be on your check-list along with accommodation, text-books, student loan, car, local nightlife, etc.

By following these 7 simple tips you’ll be able to have fun and stay healthy! Read in full