Which Contraception is suitable for me?

There are at least 15 methods of contraception available and, within those categories usually even more options to consider. Naturally, you want to find a method that suits you, but as you probably already know, this can be pretty confusing.

Everyone has different needs and wants from their contraception and these will determine what works best for you. It’s important to realise that contraception can affect your body and mind, not just your sex life. Therefore it’s essential that you research the area before rushing into any decisions.

contraception methods

Like anything, each option has its pros and cons and some may even be deal breakers. Thankfully, there are numerous avenues to try and it doesn’t matter if the one you pick isn’t quite right for you – there is always another way. Read in full

An Introduction to the Contraceptive Pill

The first contraceptive pill became available in 1961 in the UK and revolutionised many women’s lives. Even though it is now one of the most popular and widely used forms of contraception, young women interested in using the pill are often confused and have many questions. Here we hope to answer them all. Read in full

Not just contraception: other uses of The Pill

The combined pill contains progestogen hormone, and synthetic oestrogen. Most commonly the combined pill is used as an effective means of contraception.

However, did you know these hormones can offer several other health benefits? In fact, some benefits of the pill are so important that patients may take them exclusively for those reasons.

Periods are different for every woman, and if you’re unlucky, they bring a lot of pain and complications.

Fortunately, the pill can have positive effects on problems such as period pain and premenstrual syndrome, but that’s not all they can be good for… Read in full

Your worries about the Morning After Pill answered

Morning after pills: ellaOne and Levonelle pack photos

As with every type of medicine, there are natural worries that come with taking the morning after pill. If you’re worried about it then you can bet that someone else will be too. You’re not alone. So we’ve put together the answers to the most common questions to put your mind at ease. Read in full