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Thrush in men – quick treatment and prevention

man grabbing crotch holding sign saying 'thrush' in frontIt’s something you probably wouldn’t even discuss with your best mates, let alone face the embarrassment of describing it to a doctor, which makes thrush the perfect condition to treat through an online consultation.

Do you have thrush?

Thrush manifests itself in men as soreness, inflammation, or itching usually at the head of the penis. It can also cause discharge. First-time sufferers should seek a professional diagnosis, as the condition shares symptoms with certain STIs and you’ll want to rule these out before beginning treatment. Those with compromised immune systems should also ensure they consult with their GP, as the infection could progress to invasive candidiasis. Read in full

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Winning the war against S.A.D.

SAD seasonal depressionSeasonal affective disorder is a significant health condition, but it does not always receive the attention it deserves. It can have an important impact on health and wellbeing. You or someone you know may be affected.

Also known as seasonal depression, it is a term for the severe changes in mood some people experience during winter. Suffers have a general sense of sadness, difficulty sleeping and other symptoms associated with depression. Read in full

Testicular cancer and #FeelingNuts

testicular cancer love grenadeTesticular cancer is an uncommon cancer and as a result perhaps does not get the attention it requires, especially as men are notorious for putting off going to see their doctor if they have health concerns.

However it is the most common cancer in men between the age of 20 and 35, a section of society generally regarded as notorious for putting off visiting their doctor.

  • Testicular cancer rates have doubled in the last 20 years
  • 95% curable if treated early
  • One of the easiest cancers to treat successfully
  • If ignored it can be fatal

A viral campaign has just been launched to raise awareness and get everyone checking their ‘love grenades’!
Visit and start #FeelingNuts.

Men should regularly (monthly) check their testicles – firstly to familiarise themselves with how their testicles are normally, and then to check for any changes. Why not set a monthly calendar reminder on your smartphone? Read in full



What is Priapism?

Priapism is a medical condition in which the penis becomes continuously erect, and usually painful, for a prolonged period of a few hours or more. It is a medical emergency, which if untreated can lead to permanent damage to the penis. A single episode can affect the future capacity to achieve erections.

During an episode of priapism the shaft of the penis will be hard and sometimes painful. The head of the penis may remain soft. Read in full

Summer festivals and your health

festival health guide

From avoiding STIs to staying hydrated, here’s how to stay healthy during festival season

The summer music festival season is nearly upon on us – a frivolous time of sun, sound systems and your health potentially suffering.  Make sure you’re clapping the bands, not getting the clap, and enjoying the Pyramid stage, not puking into a portaloo, with our cut-out-and-keep guide to festival health.

Download the festival health guide Read in full