Ventolin Accuhaler now available

A more environmentally friendly inhaler

Ventolin Accuhaler pack photo

Dr Fox can now supply Ventolin Accuhaler – a dry powder breath-actuated salbutamol inhaler (£8.95).

A dry powder inhalation device means there is no need for aerosols, which can be harmful to the environment. Non-aerosol inhalers have a significantly lower carbon footprint. Changing to this type of inhaler reduces greenhouse gas emissions and has 30 times the environmental impact of planting a tree.

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Asthma check-ups and asthma action plans

asthma action plan leafletAsthma sufferers must attend an asthma check-up with their GP or asthma nurse at least once every 12 months.

This is to ensure you are getting the optimal treatment and advice, also a chance for you to ask questions about your asthma.

If you suffer from asthma and have NOT had an asthma check-up in the last year please book an appointment with your GP surgery as soon as possible.

Asthma check-ups are important and will usually include breathing tests, inhaler technique, symptoms, triggers, use of spacer devices, and a medicines review.

Check-ups will often also include completing an asthma action plan with your GP or nurse. Patients that use a written action plan are four times less likely to be admitted to hospital. Read in full

Purchasing your asthma inhaler online

Blue asthma inhalerIf you use a salbutamol inhaler (blue inhaler) you may be able to receive a repeat inhaler online. The service won’t replace your regular asthma check-ups or visits to the doctor’s surgery, but it can make the process of obtaining your inhaler much easier.

Dr Fox does not provide additional asthma medicines or steroid inhalers but you can save time and money by ordering your salbutamol inhaler here on our website. This also helps ensure you are never left without your inhaler when you need it.

Here is how the process works: If you use a salbutamol inhaler (also known as a reliever) you can carry out an online consultation with one of our doctors, in which you will be asked about the type of inhaler you use, whether you have had an asthma or breathing clinic check-up within the last year and other important medical questions. Read in full

Living with asthma

runner with asthmaBeing diagnosed with asthma can be traumatic, in no small part because the diagnosis often follows an episode of shortness of breath. It is also a shock to hear about a chronic condition that could be lifelong.

For some it may feel like life will never be the same, but this is only partially true. For most sufferers, asthma is a condition that can be kept at bay. With proper care and management you can live a normal life; it does not need to become the centre of your existence. Knowing the facts is the first step.

What is asthma?

Asthma is a common chronic respiratory condition that consists of narrowing and inflammation of the airways. This leads to coughing, wheezing and other unpleasant symptoms. Although the exact causes of asthma are not yet fully understood, we do know that people with a family history of asthma and allergies are more likely to suffer from it. Read in full

Side effects of Salbutamol and Beclometasone

With one in five households affected by asthma, it’s a condition worth talking about. Asthma affects the airways, the small tubes which carry air in and out of the lungs. These tubes narrow when the sufferer comes into contact with irritants, causing them to feel short of breath. Asthma is conventionally treated with salbutamol-containing blue inhalers, and beclometasone-containing brown inhalers. But are there any side effects associated with these common treatments? Read in full

The difference between blue and brown inhalers

Ventolin inhaler medicine packetAsthma is a common condition in the UK, affecting one in eleven children and one in twelve adults (data from Asthma UK), and can often last for a life-time. However with the right medication symptoms can usually be kept under control so that sufferers can lead a normal life.

If you or your children have been prescribed one or two inhalers, make sure you know the difference between them so they are being used to manage symptoms appropriately. Read in full

Ventolin side effects

ventolin side effects
Ventolin Evohaler from £8.50 each with online prescription from Dr Fox.

Ventolin is a brand name for the inhaled asthma medicine salbutamol. Ventolin side effects are the same or similar to those of other salbutamol inhalers.

Ventolin Evohaler is a salbutamol asthma inhaler which delivers a puff of salbutamol when the end of the inhaler capsule is pressed down.

Other asthma inhalers are breath actuated and release a puff of salbutamol only when air drawn in through the inhaler nozzle, e.g. Salamol Easi-Breathe asthma inhaler.

All the following asthma inhalers contain salbutamol; Ventolin Evohaler®, Ventolin Accuhaler® (dry powder for inhalation), Salamol Easi-Breathe®, Airomir Autohaler®, Airomir Aerosol inhalation®, Salbulin Novolizer® (dry powder for inhalation), salbutamol (non-proprietary) aerosol inhalation- includes Salamol® and Salbumalin®, and salbutamol (non-proprietary) dry powder for inhalation – includes Easyhaler® Salbutamol. Read in full