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Some essential features on the Dr Fox site just won't work without cookies. And having other cookies switched off can seriously affect the way you'll be able to enjoy our services.

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What are cookies?

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Cookies in use on this website

Name of cookieType of cookieExpiry periodReason for useLevel of consentDescription
DoctorFox_UserSession cookieLoginEssentialOnce you have logged into a secure area of the website, this cookie is used to keep you logged in during your visit.
message_visitPersistent cookie1 yearOn-site user messagesEssentialSave user message settings for different pages
ysm_ + unique numberSession cookieOrderEssentialTo help measure the efficiency of our sales channels
PHPSESSIDSession cookieLoginEssentialTo keep the state of your session between page views
__utmaPersistent cookie2 yearsAnalyticsEssentialThis cookie is set by our analytics provider, Google Analytics.
__utmbPersistent cookie30 minutesAnalyticsEssentialThis cookie is set by our analytics provider, Google Analytics
__utmcSession cookieAnalyticsEssentialThis cookie is set by our analytics provider, Google Analytics
__utmzPersistent cookie6 monthsAnalyticsEssentialThis cookie is set by our analytics provider, Google Analytics