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Is generic Cialis set to become the new Viagra?

Photo of generic Viagra and generic Cialis packs

Viagra became a powerhouse of a brand by promising to power up the sex life of couples across the globe. Viagra has become synonymous with helping men to get and keep an erection and has become a hot topic of conversation, there are even jokes about it:

What’s the difference between the first honeymoon and the second?
First honeymoon, Niagara. Second honeymoon, Viagra!

Let’s not for one moment, think of erectile dysfunction as a laughing matter. But, like all well-known brands, Viagra does draw attention. Read in full

Customer satisfaction survey 2017

2017 customer satisfaction survey

The annual Dr Fox independent customer satisfaction survey for 2017 is now complete, the results of which continue to confirm our commitment to providing the best service possible is recognised by our customers.

97% of people were either ‘extremely happy’ (80.5%) or ‘very happy’ (16.2%) with the Dr Fox service (up from 93% on 2016), and 95.7% indicated they were ‘very likely’ or ‘extremely likely’ to use the service again.

The full survey results are available to view here.

We would again like to thank all our customers that took the time to respond to our survey this year.

Stop smoking: useful advice to help kick the habit

man smoking cigaretteGiving up smoking is hard work, yet there is plenty of good reason to do so. As of 2015, 17.2% of the adult population in the UK were smokers, despite there being in 2013 over 78,000 deaths caused by smoking among adults over 35 years of age in England alone. Fortunately, there is much information and support available to smokers who want to quit.

Before you give up smoking….

  • Make a list of all the reasons you want to quit. Of course, health and money are both huge factors, but try to make these reasons specific, such as, “I want to enjoy playing sport with my friends”, or, “I want to use the money I save from not smoking to go away for a long weekend”. It may be helpful to write your list on an index card so you can keep it with you for inspiration.
  • Identify your triggers. Most smokers have more than one thing that prompts them to smoke, such as needing a cigarette after a meal or while having a drink, or smoking when stressed. Knowing what drives your psychological desire to smoke can help you to find different, healthier alternatives when those situations occur.
  • Set “start quit” and “end quit” dates. Your start quit date is the day you start cutting back and implementing replacement behaviours. Your end quit date is the last day you smoke at all. Be realistic with your time frame; a week or two generally isn’t enough time for most people to quit. Allow up to 12 weeks to fully beat the habit, but then be very clear about sticking to those dates and the steady progression between them.
  • Get active. Even just a little exercise can be very effective at reducing your cravings. So rather than suddenly start exercising once you’ve quit, prepare your body by getting into a simple, daily stretching routine at home. Regularly walk around the block, or if you feel like it, something more strenuous, such as a jog or organised sport – just keep all these routines manageable and not so demanding that you’ll struggle to keep them up.

Read in full

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What’s the difference between tadalafil and other ED treatments?

Happy couple after man takes tadalafilOne in ten men will experience sexual problems at some point. It’s fair to say that erectile dysfunction (ED) is a very real problem and can affect men across the spectrum. It doesn’t matter if you are gay, straight or bisexual – erectile dysfunction doesn’t discriminate. ED, or impotency, does tend to affect more mature males, but again, that’s not a given. A younger man going through a particularly stressful time or suffering from a medical problem may be just as likely to suffer from ED.

So, we are well aware of the problem but what can be done about erectile dysfunction? There are numerous treatments available. These include counselling or sex therapy, using medication (such as Viagra or Cialis), using equipment to assist (eg a vacuum pump), undergoing surgery, injections, implants and suppositories, or trying out alternative therapies. Read in full

Nitrofurantoin (MacroBID) for cystitis treatment

Nitrofurantoin (MacroBID) is now available to women to buy online from Dr Fox in advance, ready for when needed. Nitrofurantoin is an antibiotic commonly used to treat uncomplicated cystitis.
Buy online

In the past few years nitrofurantoin has replaced trimethoprim as the first line treatment for cystitis.

Approximately 30% of cystitis infections in the UK are currently (2017) resistant to trimethoprim, compared with 3% resistance to nitrofurantoin. Read in full

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Viagra Connect over the counter

Viagra over the counter
From £1.35 each

The UK medicines regulator today (28 Nov 2017) approved an application to make Viagra available over the counter in pharmacies (‘P’ medicine classification). See MHRA reclassifies Viagra Connect tablets to a Pharmacy medicine.

Pfizer’s new product will be called Viagra Connect and will contain 50mg of Viagra (sildenafil) in packs of 4 and 8 tablets and is expected to be available Spring 2018. Pricing is unconfirmed but likely to be around £5 per pill.

The MHRA’s decision follows the expiry of Pfizer’s exclusive patent for Viagra in 2013, after which other pharmaceutical companies were permitted to supply their own Sildenafil tablets and prices were slashed. More recently (14 November 2017) the patent expired for Cialis (another popular drug for erectile dysfunction), and the price of generic Cialis (‘Tadalafil’) is significantly lower. Read in full

Generic Cialis (tadalafil) prices

Generic Cialis tadalafil 20mgLilly’s patent for Cialis expired in the UK 14 November 2017, allowing other drug companies to sell generic Cialis marketed as ‘tadalafil’.

Cialis is the original brand name for tadalafil, the active ingredient in Cialis. Cialis (tadalafil) was the second erectile dysfunction drug developed, after Viagra (sildenafil).

Within days of the patent expiry several companies released generic tadalafil products at much lower cost than branded Cialis. Read in full

New identity checking

Online identity verification iconDr Fox has introduced extra identity verification checks (Nov 2017). All online clinics are required by the regulator, the Care Quality Commission, to perform these ID checks.

How the checks work

The majority of patients can be verified online instantly by referencing data on their credit profile at the time they make a payment for a prescription. This is called a ‘soft’ check to validate identity only, and is not a check on a person’s credit-worthiness. The ID check will not affect their credit rating.

Patient’s must enter their correct full name and date of birth, and the payment card address that is registered with your payment card provider or bank. The delivery address can be different from the payment card address. Read in full