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New Year’s Resolutions 2019

What is a New Year’s Resolution?

New year resolutions 2019At New Year on 01 January, we set ourselves personal goals for the coming year. Read on and be inspired!

What’s your New Year’s resolution? Listed below are some great ideas for a healthy New Year!

Good health – a new year, and a new you!

My biology teacher once said to my class at school:

YOU are representative of everything you have ever put into your mouth!

Everything you put in your mouth has consequences – whether it’s food, alcoholic drinks, cigarettes, or drugs/medicines. Read in full

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Find that hangover cure!

Man asleep at desk holding bottle with a hangover

So – it’s January 1st 2019! …And you’ve woken up feeling like you might be better off dead. Like most of the rest of the nation.

In fact, the only cure for a real hangover – is death!

William Faulkener, American Nobel Prize winning author
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Concerns over pharmacy websites not registered with the Care Quality Commission

Online doctors Uncovered - BBC Panorama

On Monday 6 August 2018 BBC Panorama aired an investigation into Online Doctors Uncovered which cited safety concerns over websites selling prescription drugs.

Professor Steve Field, chief inspector of general practice for the Care Quality Commission (CQC), has said:

You should look for the CQC logo because some of these websites, if they are not regulated by the CQC, can be very, very dangerous.

We know that these websites can present convenient ways for people to access advice, treatment and medication.

However some services may be putting patients at risk. We are particularly concerned that risks to patients may not always be appropriately assessed or managed when they buy medicines online.

As with conventional GP surgeries, these online companies and pharmacies are required to provide safe, high-quality and compassionate care and must adhere to exactly the same standards. They must not cut corners.

We will continue to work closely with the other regulatory bodies to share intelligence where we have concerns and take action where necessary. Providers and clinicians must be clear on their responsibilities to protect people who use their services.

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Viagra Connect prices

Viagra ConnectMen can now buy Viagra Connect (a brand name for sildenafil 50mg tablets) from pharmacies without a prescription following a short medical assessment with a pharmacist.

What is the price?

Viagra Connect is priced around £5 per tablet, and is available in packs of 4 and 8 only.

Compare prices of 50mg sildenafil on prescription from Dr Fox below:

QtyViagra ConnectDr Fox
Pack of 4£19.99£10.20
Pack of 8£34.99£19.20

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Asthma check-ups and asthma action plans

asthma action plan leafletAsthma sufferers must attend an asthma check-up with their GP or asthma nurse at least once every 12 months.

If you suffer from asthma and have NOT had an asthma check-up in the last year please book an appointment with your GP surgery as soon as possible.

Asthma check-ups are important and will usually include breathing tests, inhaler technique, symptoms, triggers, use of spacer devices, and a medicines review.

Check-ups will often also include completing an asthma action plan with your GP or nurse. Patients that use a written action plan are four times less likely to be admitted to hospital. Read in full

Need to buy Viagra in London?

Viagra 100mgMen who live or are visiting London and wish to obtain Viagra to treat erectile dysfunction have several options.

  • Book an appointment with your regular doctor: the generic version of Viagra only is available on the NHS (1 tablet per week).
  • Book an appointment to have a consultation with a trained pharmacist.
  • Buy online from a regulated online clinic such as Dr Fox, with delivery direct to your door (or hotel).
  • Pay for a prescription online using the Fast Doctor service, and collect and pay for the medicine at your chosen local pharmacy.

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Is generic Cialis set to become the new Viagra?

Photo of generic Viagra and generic Cialis packs

Viagra became a powerhouse of a brand by promising to power up the sex life of couples across the globe. Viagra has become synonymous with helping men to get and keep an erection and has become a hot topic of conversation, there are even jokes about it:

What’s the difference between the first honeymoon and the second?
First honeymoon, Niagara. Second honeymoon, Viagra!

Let’s not for one moment, think of erectile dysfunction as a laughing matter. But, like all well-known brands, Viagra does draw attention. Read in full