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Nitrofurantoin (MacroBID) for cystitis treatment

Nitrofurantoin (MacroBID) is now available to women to buy online from Dr Fox in advance, ready for when needed. Nitrofurantoin is an antibiotic commonly used to treat uncomplicated cystitis.
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In the past few years nitrofurantoin has replaced trimethoprim as the first line treatment for cystitis.

Approximately 30% of cystitis infections in the UK are currently (2017) resistant to trimethoprim, compared with 3% resistance to nitrofurantoin. Read in full

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Viagra Connect over the counter

Viagra over the counter
From £1.35 each

The UK medicines regulator today (28 Nov 2017) approved an application to make Viagra available over the counter in pharmacies (‘P’ medicine classification). See MHRA reclassifies Viagra Connect tablets to a Pharmacy medicine.

Pfizer’s new product will be called Viagra Connect and will contain 50mg of Viagra (sildenafil) in packs of 4 and 8 tablets and is expected to be available Spring 2018. Pricing is unconfirmed but likely to be around £5 per pill.

The MHRA’s decision follows the expiry of Pfizer’s exclusive patent for Viagra in 2013, after which other pharmaceutical companies were permitted to supply their own Sildenafil tablets and prices were slashed. More recently (14 November 2017) the patent expired for Cialis (another popular drug for erectile dysfunction), and the price of generic Cialis (‘Tadalafil’) is significantly lower. Read in full

Generic Cialis (tadalafil) prices

Generic Cialis tadalafil 20mgLilly’s patent for Cialis expired in the UK 14 November 2017, allowing other drug companies to sell generic Cialis marketed as ‘tadalafil’.

Cialis is the original brand name for tadalafil, the active ingredient in Cialis. Cialis (tadalafil) was the second erectile dysfunction drug developed, after Viagra (sildenafil).

Within days of the patent expiry at least 5 drug companies released generic tadalafil products at much lower cost than branded Cialis, and more are expected to follow in the coming months. Read in full

New identity checking

Online identity verification iconDr Fox has introduced extra identity verification checks (Nov 2017). All online clinics are required by the regulator, the Care Quality Commission, to perform these ID checks.

How the checks work

The majority of patients can be verified online instantly by referencing data on their credit profile at the time they make a payment for a prescription. This is called a ‘soft’ check to validate identity only, and is not a check on a person’s credit-worthiness. The ID check will not affect their credit rating.

Patient’s must enter their correct full name and date of birth, and the payment card address that is registered with your payment card provider or bank. The delivery address can be different from the payment card address. Read in full

Men’s hair loss: what are your options?

Man with male pattern hair lossA common concern for many men, hair loss occurs when the hair follicles stop producing hair growth. Known as alopecia, it is particularly a worry for men, who often see a loss of hair as an unwanted sign of premature ageing.

The reality is that male pattern hair loss is in fact an entirely normal part of ageing – up to 100 hairs are lost from your head every day. However, given that you have more than 100,000 hairs on your head, you probably wouldn’t notice it day to day. Some individuals, however, experience excessive hair loss and it is these people that often suffer the most. What should be remembered, though, is that medical help is available. Read in full

Dealing with eczema – what can you do?

Woman applying eczema creamThe term ‘eczema’ usually refers to atopic eczema, and affects people of all ages. If you or your child experience eczema, you will likely already be familiar with its most common symptoms:

  • Skin rash on the cheeks, inside the elbows and knees, around the eyes
  • Dry and red skin
  • Mild to extreme itchiness
  • Agitation, problems sleeping

Eczema is not life-threatening and will often subside with age, but it is important to keep those symptoms at bay in order to relieve discomfort and avoid complications from skin infections, which can become severe. Read in full

Erectile dysfunction: a brief history

Vintage erectile dysfunction treatmentErectile dysfunction (ED) is a term we hear frequently nowadays. On television, on the radio, in magazines, and on the internet, we are bombarded with advice on how to deal with ED, advertisements for medications to treat it, and articles for partners of the men who have it. With this apparently sudden explosion in interest, you’d be forgiven for thinking that ED was a 20th century invention.

Well, we can confirm that it wasn’t. As long as men have had penises (so, always), erectile dysfunction has been a hot topic, and doctors have been trying to combat it since time immemorial. The earliest recorded incidence of ED comes from India in the 8th century BC. The popular theory among doctors at the time was that ED was caused by having sex with “undesirable” women. Treatments included herbal medicines with additives from animals that were thought to increase desire or arousal. Alligators, mice, frogs, and sparrows were all animals that contributed to the concoctions of the time. Read in full

What’s in a cold sore? Causes, treatments, advice

woman with cold sore on lip looking in mirrorA cold sore is a painful blister that forms on or around your lip, or sometimes around your nose or eyes. It normally starts with a tingling sensation or itch, followed by painful blisters that may eventually break and ooze infectious liquid.

Though unpleasant, cold sores usually heal on their own within 7-10 days. Read in full

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