Acne and rosacea sufferers: changing your skincare routine for winter

Woman with new skincare routine for winterAlong with cold temperatures and wardrobe changes, winter brings its own set of skincare challenges. And if you have a skin condition like acne or rosacea you are probably keenly aware of how the cold winds and indoor heating can exacerbate them.

Before redness, chapped skin or further breakouts set in, why not overhaul your skincare routine for winter? With a few simple changes you can beat the discomfort and ensure the weather doesn’t wreak havoc on your skin. Read in full

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How Rosacea is treated

rosaceaOuch – the inflammation caused by rosacea can be painful and embarrassing. Rosacea is normally characterised by episodes of intense flushing, which can progress to burning and stinging, permanent redness, spots, and the blood vessels of the skin being visible.

It is a relapsing condition, with periods of intensity and times when symptoms are much less severe.

Treatment of rosacea is often related to what triggers it for different people. It is not a well understood condition, but is thought to be related to possible factors like blood vessel abnormalities, skin peptides, microscopic mites, helicobacter pylori bacteria, and genetics. Read in full

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