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Dr Fox Pharmacy is owned by The Park Road Pharmacy Ltd.

Online consultations and prescribing is undertaken by Dr Fox (Index Medical Ltd).

Dr Fox Pharmacy

399 Great Western Road, Glasgow G4 9HY
GPhC registration: 1124326
Superintendent Pharmacist: Nudrat Khan (2030911)
Company no. SC239002
Registered office: 405 Great Western Road, Glasgow G4 9HY

Telephone: 0141 3396010
Email: info@parkroadpharmacy.com

Dr Fox

Index Medical Ltd, Boyce's Building, 40-42 Regent Street, Bristol BS8 4HU
Registered with the Care Quality Commission (151 Buckingham Palace Road, London SW1W 9SZ)
Company no. 6797903

Telephone: 0117 2050198
Email: info@doctorfox.co.uk

Established in 2010, Dr Fox has issued over 1.6 million prescriptions. Founding member of the Digital Healthcare Council.
Read further information on how we are regulated.

What we do

We supply medicine on prescription at reasonable prices. We provide online medical consultations, issue private prescriptions electronically, dispense only UK licensed and approved medicine, and post items by recorded delivery.

We provide accurate and easily understood information about conditions and treatments. Our doctors are available to discuss treatments before, during, and after consultations (contact details).

We provide follow-up checks for side effects and other issues arising from treatment. Where you agree, or where prescribing guidelines require, we keep your GP informed.

Our aims

  • Provide secure confidential medical consultations online.
  • Ensure genuine medicines are supplied, via our UK registered pharmacy.
  • Deliver conveniently to your door.
  • Provide reliable information about medical conditions and their treatment.
  • Allow patients and our doctors to communicate privately and securely.
  • Offer medical advice online.
  • Protect your personal records and store them securely.
  • Advise you when you need to see your regular doctor.
  • Provide information to your doctor if you request this.
“Buying drugs via the internet is risky, but not for people using this GP’s web clinic.”

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Online medicines the ethical way

Feedback and complaints

Patients can provide feedback directly to Dr Fox pharmacy or leave a customer review on various independent review services.

See our patient guide for further details about the service and how to make a complaint, and also our aims and objectives.


Dr Fox takes a precautionary approach to prescribing. Where we cannot be confident a medicine can be prescribed safely online, we will not prescribe it.

We do not prescribe medicine that is addictive or likely to be abused.

Dr Fox gives clear information and guidance and provides links to authoritative medical websites including the NHS website. We provide links to data from clinical studies for those interested in this level of detail.

A person obtaining prescription medicine through Dr Fox Pharmacy will know about the condition being treated. They can be sure the medicine dispensed is right for them and is genuine and licensed in the UK.

Through our clinic we aim to enable patients to exercise choice and engage in their own care. At the same time a small part of the burden on the NHS is being relieved.

Online clinics are a safe and convenient way for people with busy lives, or people with mobility difficulties, to obtain medicine on prescription. The UK is one of a small number of countries with a legislative and regulatory framework in place to allow medicines to be prescribed online, and the regulators (CQC and GPhC) have developed extensive guidance for online healthcare provision and medicine supply.

The doctors responsible for developing the consultations provided by Dr Fox have over 38 years of NHS experience. We are committed to providing services of a high standard and to treating patients with care and respect. UK-based GMC registered doctors with extensive experience as NHS GPs authorise prescriptions.

Dr Fox receives no external funding and does not permit advertising.

Consultations offered

The online clinic service of Dr Fox does not replace your GP.

Dr Fox issues prescriptions for conditions including malaria, traveller's diarrhoea and jet lag where treatment on the NHS is not available.

We provide private prescriptions for medicines to treat some conditions such as erectile dysfunction where treatment on the NHS is rationed.

Medicines for conditions including hay fever, thrush, cystitis, cold sores and travel sickness are prescribed and dispensing arranged by Dr Fox safely at affordable prices.

We do not carry out online consultations for conditions where face-to-face consultations are required. In situations where questionnaire answers suggest there is a need, we advise patients to see their regular doctors and do not provide a prescription.

Superintendent Pharmacist and Doctors

Our doctors are experienced GPs working in the NHS and work as part of a team at Dr Fox. All doctors are registered with the General Medical Council (Regent's Place, 350 Euston Road, London NW1 3JN).


Nudrat Khan photo

Nudrat Khan
Superintendent Pharmacist

Dr Claire Pugh photo

Dr Claire Pugh
Medical & Safeguarding Officer

Dr Tony Steele photo

Dr Tony Steele
Medical Director

Dan Broughton photo

Dan Broughton
Technical Director

Suzanne Allan photo

Suzanne Allan
Governance and Administrator Officer

Virinder Jandoo photo

Virinder Jandoo
Pharmacy Manager

Nicola Spiller photo

Nicola Spiller

Lynn Roach photo

Lynn Roach

See Our team page for further details.