Aims and objectives

Dr Fox aims to provide a high quality, private patient healthcare service which includes confidential online health assessments and issuing private prescriptions. Medicine is dispensed by our registered UK pharmacy.

Our objective is to provide a high quality patient service which meets and exceeds the requirements of the current essential standards and regulations of the Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) 2010.

Registered provider

The healthcare service is administered from 3b Southfield Road, Bristol BS9 3BG. Telephone 0117 2050198.

The supply of medicine is provided by Dr Fox Pharmacy, 399 Great Western Road, Glasgow G4 9HY.

Kinds of healthcare services

Dr Fox offers a secure internet healthcare service, which includes private and confidential online health consultations, individual health advice, and prescribing.

Index Medical Ltd offers online health consultations to provide prescriptions, where prescribing guidelines allow, and services can be delivered safely and securely in areas where there is a patient demand.

Such services include malaria prophylaxis, travel medicine including anti-diarrhoeals, male pattern baldness assessment, erectile dysfunction and sexual dysfunction services, antibiotic for conditions such as chlamydia where diagnosis is already proven, contraception including emergency contraception, smoking cessation advice and prescriptions, travel sickness medication, hay fever treatments, flu treatment and prevention, jet lag preventative treatment, the provision of standby treatment for cystitis, and the provision of treatment for recurrent cold sores.

The same principles, policy, and procedures will be applied to all consultations carried out by Dr Fox.

Patient consultation

Patient satisfaction surveys are carried out regularly by Dr Fox to seek the views and opinions of patients who access the online healthcare service. The survey is in the form of a questionnaire and is available for all patients to complete online at any time.

Legal Status

Index Medical Ltd provides private healthcare services as a limited company business and is registered as a UK company at Companies House (registration number - 6797903).

Index Medical Ltd operates as a Mobile Doctor Service (Independent Medical Agency) for the purposes of Care Quality Commission (CQC) registration.


Index Medical Ltd recognises there may be occasions when patients may wish to complain.

We will deal fairly and quickly with complaints directed to or phoned to 0117 2050198 or made in writing to Index Medical Ltd, 40-42 Regent Street, Clifton, Bristol BS8 4HU.

Privacy and dignity

All patients who choose to use the private healthcare services on offer at Index Medical Ltd can be assured that they will be treated with the utmost dignity and respect.

The Index Medical Ltd website is secure and all personal health information is treated confidentially.

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