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The GMC state it is good medical practice to be honest and open in any financial arrangements with patients.

Until July 2010 MHRA regulation prevented online clinics displaying prices. This has now changed, and Dr Fox is happy to provide all our prices below.

Dispensing by a UK registered pharmacy included. Delivery is an additional cost: £2.90 within UK. Delivery of medication is free to patients who post an existing private paper prescription to the pharmacy.

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Dr Fox prices are 25%–50% less than other clinics. Savings can run into hundreds of pounds for a single prescription item.

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Dr Fox has lower costs for some medicine than the same items bought from pharmacies without a prescription. We can also provide larger quantities than available over the counter without prescription.

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Online prescription fee

Dr Fox charges a prescription fee based on the order prices per consultation as listed below. Order prices do not include the delivery fee.

Order value per consultationOnline prescription fee
up to £10.00£1.00
up to £20.00£3.00
up to £50.00£5.00
up to £100.00£8.00
over £100.00£10.00

Dr Fox treatment prices

Prices below include the price of medication and the medical service excluding the prescription fee (above). Receipts show separately the amount disbursed to the pharmacy as payment for the supply of the medication and the amount paid for the doctor's service of consultation and prescription. Currency converter for international pricing.

Cystitis consultation
Trimethoprim 200mg6 tablets (1 course of treatment)£9.50
Erectile Dysfunction consultation - Compare other online clinic ED treatment prices
Sildenafil 25mg4 tablets£8.60
Sildenafil 25mg8 tablets£14.80
Sildenafil 25mg16 tablets£24.80
Sildenafil 25mg32 tablets£48.80
Sildenafil 50mg4 tablets£9.20
Sildenafil 50mg8 tablets£16.20
Sildenafil 50mg16 tablets£26.80
Sildenafil 50mg32 tablets£52.00
Sildenafil 100mg4 tablets£9.80
Sildenafil 100mg8 tablets£17.80
Sildenafil 100mg16 tablets£28.40
Sildenafil 100mg32 tablets£54.00
Viagra 25mg4 tablets£24.20
Viagra 25mg8 tablets£44.30
Viagra 25mg16 tablets£82.00
Viagra 50mg4 tablets£29.40
Viagra 50mg8 tablets£59.50
Viagra 50mg16 tablets£112.60
Viagra 100mg4 tablets£33.80
Viagra 100mg8 tablets£64.45
Viagra 100mg16 tablets£124.40
Cialis 2.5mg28 tablets£63.00
Cialis 2.5mg56 tablets£121.00
Cialis 5mg28 tablets£64.00
Cialis 5mg56 tablets£124.00
Cialis 10mg4 tablets£33.00
Cialis 10mg8 tablets£64.00
Cialis 10mg16 tablets£122.00
Cialis 20mg4 tablets£34.00
Cialis 20mg8 tablets£65.00
Cialis 20mg16 tablets£124.00
Cialis 20mg24 tablets£174.00
Levitra 5mg4 tablets£18.00
Levitra 5mg8 tablets£30.00
Levitra 10mg4 tablets£24.00
Levitra 10mg8 tablets£43.00
Levitra 10mg16 tablets£75.00
Levitra 10mg24 tablets£114.00
Levitra 20mg4 tablets£27.00
Levitra 20mg8 tablets£53.00
Levitra 20mg16 tablets£105.00
Levitra 20mg24 tablets£157.00
Spedra 50mg4 tablets£16.50
Spedra 50mg8 tablets£28.00
Spedra 50mg16 tablets£49.50
Spedra 100mg4 tablets£19.50
Spedra 100mg8 tablets£37.00
Spedra 100mg16 tablets£68.00
Spedra 200mg4 tablets£29.50
Spedra 200mg8 tablets£54.50
Spedra 200mg16 tablets£98.00
Vitaros cream 300mcg4 applications£49.50
Vitaros cream 300mcg8 applications£95.00
Vitaros cream 300mcg12 applications£140.00
Hair Loss Treatment consultation - Compare other online clinic Propecia prices
Propecia 1mg (Merck)28 tablets (1 month)£42.40
Propecia 1mg (Merck)56 tablets (2 months)£81.70
Propecia 1mg (Merck)84 tablets (3 months)£108.40
Propecia 1mg (Merck)168 tablets (6 months)£214.00
Finasteride 1mg (generic)28 tablets (1 month)£22.00
Finasteride 1mg (generic)56 tablets (2 months)£37.00
Finasteride 1mg (generic)84 tablets (3 months)£49.00
Finasteride 1mg (generic)168 tablets (6 months)£84.40
Regaine Foam Extra strength 5% Minoxidil73mls (one months)£29.50
Regaine Foam Extra strength 5% Minoxidil73mls x 3 (three months)£66.00
Regaine Foam Extra strength 5% Minoxidil73mls x 6 (six months)£122.00
Regaine Extra strength solution for men 5% Minoxidil60mls (one months)£29.00
Regaine Extra strength solution for men 5% Minoxidil60mls x 3 (three months)£64.00
Regaine Extra strength solution for men 5% Minoxidil60mls x 6 (six months)£118.00
Stop Smoking consultation - Compare other online clinic Champix prices
Champix 2 Week Starter Pack (Varenicline)2 week pack 11 x 0.5mg plus 14 x 1mg tablets£40.00
Champix Low Dose 0.5mg tablets (Varenicline)56 tablets£74.00
Champix Standard 1.0mg tablets (Varenicline)28 tablets£39.00
Champix Standard 1.0mg tablets (Varenicline)56 tablets (4 week supply)£74.00
Champix Standard 1.0mg tablets (Varenicline)112 tablets (8 week supply)£139.00
Champix Standard 1.0mg tablets (Varenicline)168 tablets (full 12 week course)£210.00
Chlamydia consultation
Azithromycin 250mg (one course of treatment)4 tablets (single dose antibiotic treatment)£14.70
Doxycycline 100mg14 capsules (one course of treatment)£6.50
Chlamydia Test kit (Clamelle)1 test kit£25.00
Chlamydia test kit (Clamelle)2 test kits£50.00
Anti Malaria Tablets consultation - Compare other online clinic Malarone prices
Malarone Adult (Glaxo branded)16 tablets (1 week trip)£46.90
Malarone Adult (Glaxo branded)23 tablets (2 week trip)£63.10
Malarone Adult (Glaxo branded)30 tablets (3 week trip)£79.30
Malarone Adult (Glaxo branded)37 tablets (4 week trip)£95.50
Malarone Adult (Glaxo branded)44 tablets (5 week trip)£114.40
Malarone Adult (Glaxo branded)51 tablets (6 week trip)£132.60
Malarone Adult (Glaxo branded)65 tablets (8 week trip)£170.10
Malarone Adult (Glaxo branded)93 tablets (12 week trip)£218.55
Malarone Adult (Glaxo branded)193 tablets (6 month trip)£450.00
Malarone Adult (Generic)16 tablets (1 week trip)£30.40
Malarone Adult (Generic)23 tablets (2 week trip)£43.70
Malarone Adult (Generic)30 tablets (3 week trip)£57.00
Malarone Adult (Generic)37 tablets (4 week trip)£70.30
Malarone Adult (Generic)44 tablets (5 week trip)£83.60
Malarone Adult (Generic)51 tablets (6 week trip)£96.90
Malarone Adult (Generic)65 tablets (8 week trip)£123.50
Malarone Adult (Generic)93 tablets (12 week trip)£176.70
Malarone Adult (Generic)193 tablets (6 month trip)£366.70
Doxycycline 100mg37 tablets (1 week trip)£11.80
Doxycycline 100mg44 tablets (2 week trip)£12.80
Doxycycline 100mg51 tablets (3 week trip)£13.80
Doxycycline 100mg58 tablets (4 week trip)£14.90
Doxycycline 100mg65 tablets (5 week trip)£15.90
Doxycycline 100mg72 tablets (6 week trip)£16.90
Doxycycline 100mg86 tablets (8 week trip)£19.20
Doxycycline 100mg114 tablets (12 week trip)£23.60
Doxycycline 100mg212 capsules (6 month trip)£42.00
Doxycycline 100mg400 capsules (1 year trip)£75.00
Chloroquine 250mg12 tablets (1 week trip)£5.50
Chloroquine 250mg14 tablets (2 week trip)£6.00
Chloroquine 250mg16 tablets (3 week trip)£7.00
Chloroquine 250mg18 tablets (4 week trip)£8.00
Chloroquine 250mg20 tablets (5 week trip)£9.00
Chloroquine 250mg22 tablets (6 week trip)£10.00
Chloroquine 250mg26 tablets (8 week trip)£11.00
Chloroquine 250mg34 tablets (12 week trip)£12.5
Chloroquine 250mg62 tablets (6 month trip)£15.00
Chloroquine 250mg114 tablets (1 year trip)£23.00
Proguanil 100mg (Paludrine)84 tablets (1 week trip)£11.05
Proguanil 100mg (Paludrine)98 tablets (2 week trip)£12.20
Proguanil 100mg (Paludrine)112 tablets (3 week trip)£13.40
Proguanil 100mg (Paludrine)126 tablets (4 week trip)£14.50
Proguanil 100mg (Paludrine)140 tablets (5 week trip)£15.50
Proguanil 100mg (Paludrine)154 tablets (6 week trip)£16.50
Proguanil 100mg (Paludrine)182 tablets (8 week trip)£21.20
Proguanil 100mg (Paludrine)238 tablets (12 week trip)£25.90
Proguanil 100mg (Paludrine)434 tablets (6 month trip)£46.30
Proguanil 100mg (Paludrine)798 tablets (1 year trip)£86.70
Mefloquine 250mg (Lariam)8 tablets (1 week trip)£22.90
Mefloquine 250mg (Lariam)9 tablets (2 week trip)£24.10
Mefloquine 250mg (Lariam)10 tablets (3 week trip)£25.90
Mefloquine 250mg (Lariam)11 tablets (4 week trip)£28.10
Mefloquine 250mg (Lariam)12 tablets (5 week trip)£30.10
Mefloquine 250mg (Lariam)13 tablets (6 week trip)£32.10
Mefloquine 250mg (Lariam)15 tablets (8 week trip)£35.90
Mefloquine 250mg (Lariam)19 tablets (12 week trip)£48.10
Chloroquine 250mg/Proguanil 100mg12 chloroquine 84 proguanil (1 week trip)£14.30
Chloroquine 250mg/Proguanil 100mg14 chloroquine 98 proguanil (2 week trip)£15.60
Chloroquine 250mg/Proguanil 100mg16 chloroquine 112 proguanil(3 week trip)£17.10
Chloroquine 250mg/Proguanil 100mg18 chloroquine 126 proguanil (4 week trip)£18.50
Chloroquine 250mg/Proguanil 100mg20 chloroquine 140 proguanil (5 week trip)£19.50
Chloroquine 250mg/Proguanil 100mg22 chloroquine 154 proguanil (6 week trip)£20.50
Chloroquine 250mg/Proguanil 100mg26 chloroquine 182 proguanil (8 week trip)£24.10
Chloroquine 250mg/Proguanil 100mg34 chloroquine 238 proguanil (12 week trip)£29.50
Chloroquine 250mg/Proguanil 100mg62 chloroquine 434 proguanil (6 month trip)£52.90
Chloroquine 250mg/Proguanil 100mg114 chloroquine 798 proguanil (1 year trip)£98.10
Acid Reflux / Heartburn consultation
Losec (Omeprazole) 10mg capsules28 capsules£14.50
Losec (Omeprazole) 10mg capsules56 capsules£23.10
Zantac (Ranitidine) 150mg tablets30 tablets£8.40
Zantac (Ranitidine) 150mg tablets60 tablets£14.40
High Altitude Sickness consultation
Diamox (Acetazolamide) 250mg tablets28 tablets£27.00
Diamox (Acetazolamide) 250mg tablets56 tablets£49.50
Diamox (Acetazolamide) 250mg tablets112 tablets£92.00
Migraine consultation
Sumatriptan 50mg tablets6 tablets£24.00
Sumatriptan 100mg tablets6 tablets£25.00
Standard Imigran nasal spray 10mg/0.1-mLTwo dose nasal spray (2 doses)£16.40
High dose Imigran nasal spray 20mg/0.1-mLTwo dose nasal spray (2 doses)£16.40
High dose Imigran nasal spray 20mg/0.1-mLSix dose nasal spray (6 doses)£43.40
Emergency Contraception consultation (Morning after Pill)
Levonelle 1.5mg1 tablet (single dose)£12.80
Levonelle 1.5mg2 tablets (2 single dose treatments)£19.80
Levonelle 1.5mg3 tablets (3 single dose treatments)£28.00
Regular Oral Contraception consultation
BiNovum3 one month calendar packs£12.50
Brevinor3 one month calendar packs£12.50
Cilest3 one month calendar packs£13.50
Femodene3 one month calendar packs£13.60
Femodene ED3 one month calendar packs£16.50
Femodette3 one month calendar packs£16.50
Katya3 one month calendar packs£16.50
Loestrin 203 one month calendar packs£14.50
Loestrin 303 one month calendar packs£14.50
Logynon3 one month calendar packs£15.00
Logynon ED3 one month calendar packs£15.00
Marvelon3 one month calendar packs£13.20
Gedarel 20/1503 one month calendar packs£11.50
Gedarel 30/1503 one month calendar packs£10.60
Mercilon3 one month calendar packs£17.50
Microgynon 303 one month calendar packs£13.50
Microgynon 30 ED3 one month calendar packs£13.50
Norimin3 one month calendar packs£12.50
Norinyl-13 one month calendar packs£12.50
Ovranette3 one month calendar packs£12.50
Ovysmen3 one month calendar packs£14.00
Qlaira3 one month calendar packs£36.00
Sunya3 one month calendar packs£19.00
Synphase3 one month calendar packs£11.50
TriNovum3 one month calendar packs£15.00
Triadene3 one month calendar packs£22.50
Cerazette3 one month calendar packs£19.50
Femulen3 one month calendar packs£15.50
Micronor3 one month calendar packs£12.50
Norgeston3 one month calendar packs£12.50
Noriday3 one month calendar packs£12.50
Rigevidon3 one month calendar packs£13.50
Hay Fever Treatments consultation
Loratadine 10mg30 tablets£5.50
Loratadine 10mg60 tablets (2 months)£6.80
Loratadine 10mg90 tablets (3 months)£8.40
Cetirizine 10mg30 tablets£5.50
Cetirizine 10mg60 tablets (2 months)£6.80
Cetirizine 10mg90 tablets (3 months)£8.20
Telfast 120mg30 tablets£12.60
Telfast 120mg60 tablets (2 months)£19.20
Telfast 120mg90 tablets (3 months)£25.70
Beconase Aqueous 22 gram nasal spray1 spray 200 doses£6.40
Beconase Aqueous 22 gram nasal spray2 sprays each 200 doses£10.80
Beconase Aqueous 22 gram nasal spray3 sprays each 200 doses£13.20
Avamys nasal spray1 spray 120 doses£13.10
Avamys nasal spray2 sprays each 120 doses£19.80
Avamys nasal spray3 sprays each 120 doses£29.20
Rhinolast nasal spray 22mls1 spray£14.40
Rhinolast nasal spray 22 mls2 sprays£24.80
Rhinolast nasal spray 22 mls3 sprays£36.20
Dymista nasal sprayOne bottle (23 grams)£22.00
Dymista nasal sprayTwo bottles (23 grams x 2)£39.60
Sodium cromoglicate eye drops 13.5mls1 bottle£5.70
Sodium cromoglicate eye drops 13.5mls2 bottles of 13.5mls£7.40
Sodium cromoglicate eye drops 13.5mls3 bottles of 13.5mls£9.20
Rapitil Eye Drops 5 mls (nodocromil 2%)1 bottle£9.80
Rapitil Eye Drops 5 mls (nodocromil 2%)2 bottles of 5mls£16.50
Rapitil Eye Drops 5 mls (nodocromil 2%)3 bottles of 5mls£22.20
Optilast Eye Drops 8mls (Azelastine 0.05%)1 bottle£12.80
Optilast Eye Drops 8mls (Azelastine 0.05%)2 bottles of 8mls£19.80
Travel Sickness consultation
Kwells 0.3mg hysoscine12 tablets£6.90
Kwells 0.3mg hyoscine24 tablets£9.60
Kwells 0.3mg hyoscine36 tablets£13.40
Avomine 25mg (Promethazine)10 tablets£6.20
Avomine 25mg (Promethazine)20 tablets£8.30
Avomine 25mg (Promethazine)28 tablets£10.55
Scopoderm Patches hyoscine 1mg/72hrs2 patches (3 days each)£9.00
Scopoderm Patches hyoscine 1mg/72hrs4 patches (3 days each)£16.00
Scopoderm Patches hyoscine 1mg/72hrs10 patches (3 days each)£32.00
Avomine 25mg (Promethazine)10 tablets£6.20
Avomine 25mg (Promethazine)28 tablets£10.55
Jet Lag Treatments consultation
Circadin SR 2mg (Melatonin)21 tablets£23.80
Circadin SR 2mg (Melatonin)42 tablets£41.60
Omega-3 Fish Oil Supplements consultation
Maxepa 1g capsules200 capsules£38.00
Maxepa 1g capsules400 capsules£75.00
Maxepa 1g capsules600 capsules£128.00
Omacor 1g capsules28 capsules (28 days supply)£21.60
Omacor 1g capsules56 capsules (56 days supply)£42.00
Omacor 1g capsules100 capsules (3 month supply)£68.00
Omacor 1g capsules200 capsules (7 month supply)£132.00
Flu Anti-Virals consultation
Tamiflu 75mg capsules10 capsules£23.30
Tamiflu 75mg capsules20 capsules (2 courses of treatment)£44.00
Cold Sore Creams consultation
Aciclovir 200mg tablets25 tablets (one treatment)£10.50
Aciclovir 200mg tablets50 tablets (two treatments)£15.00
Aciclovir Cream 5%2 gram tube£4.50
Aciclovir Cream 5%4 grams (2 tubes of 2 grams each)£7.00
Aciclovir Cream 5%10 gram (large tube)£11.00
Traveller's Diarrhoea consultation
Loperamide capsules 2mg30 capsules£5.50
Loperamide capsules 2mg60 capsules£7.25
Azithromycin 250mg tablets (one course of treatment)4 tablets (single dose antibiotic treatment)£14.70
Ciprofloxacin 500mg6 tablets (3 day course)£11.50
Thrush consultation
Canesten combi pack (Clotrimazole) 1 treatmentOne dual pack (500mg pessary plus 10g 2% cream)£13.50
Canesten combi cream (Clotrimazole) 1 treatmentOne dual pack (5g vaginal cream plus 10g 2% cream)£14.50
Canesten thrush cream (Clotrimazole)20g tube 2% cream£6.40
Gyno-Daktarin ovule (Miconazole)One ovule (1.2 grams) 1 treatment£7.60
Gyno-Daktarin intravaginal cream (Miconazole 2%)78 grams cream with applicator 1 treatment£12.2
Fluconazole 150mg single-capsule packOne single dose pack£4.90
Fluconazole 150mg single-capsule packTwo single dose packs£8.90
Eczema and Dry Skin consultation
Aveeno cream100mls£7.90
Aveeno cream300mls£15.00
Calmurid (Galderma) contains urea 10%100 grams£14.70
Calmurid (Galderma) contains urea 10%500 grams (large)£53.00
Dermol 500 lotion500mls£16.50
Dermamist spray250mls£14.00
Doublebase gel500 grams£17.40
Doublebase gel100 grams£8.40
Hydromol ointment500 grams£14.50
QV bath oil500mls£16.20
Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) consultation
Colpermin capsules (peppermint oil 0.2mls)100 capsules 1-2 three times daily£17.50
Colpermin capsules (peppermint oil 0.2mls)200 capsules 1-2 three times daily£32.10
Colpermin capsules (peppermint oil 0.2mls)300 capsules 1-2 three times daily£44.40
Colofac tablets (mebeverine 135mg)100 tablets 1 three times daily£12.10
Colofac tablets (mebeverine 135mg)200 tablets 1 three times daily£21.40
Colofac capsules m/r (mebeverine 200mg)60 slow release capsules 1 twice daily£11.30
Colofac capsules m/r (mebeverine 200mg)120 slow release capsules 1 twice daily£18.10
Fybogel mebeverine (135mg+ispaghula husk 3.5g)10 sachets 1 twice daily£5.20
Fybogel mebeverine (135mg+ispaghula husk 3.5g)20 sachets 1 twice daily£9.40
Fybogel mebeverine (135mg+ispaghula husk 3.5g)40 sachets 1 twice daily£18.70
Period Delay consultation
Norethisterone 5mg30 tablets (up to 7 days of period delay)£14.30
Norethisterone 5mg60 tablets (up to 17 days of period delay)£22.50
Salbutamol Inhalers consultation
Ventolin Evohaler1 metered aerosol inhaler£8.50
Ventolin Evohaler2 metered aerosol inhalers£14.80
Salamol Easi-Breathe1 breath actuated inhaler£15.80
Salamol Easi-Breathe2 breath actuated inhalers£27.50
Vaniqa cream for female facial hair
Vaniqa cream (60 gram tube)x1 (2 months)£72.50
Vaniqa cream (60 gram tube)x2 (4 months)£139.00
Vaniqa cream (60 gram tube)x3 (6 months)£206.00
Acne treatment
Dalacin T topical solution (clindamycin)30mls£11.50
Dalacin T topical solution (clindamycin)50mls£16.00
Dalacin T topical lotion (clindamycin)30mls£12.00
Dalacin T topical lotion (clindamycin)60mls (1 x 60mls)£19.80
Dalacin T topical lotion (clindamycin)90mls (3 x 30mls)£27.80
Zineryt lotion (erythromycin in solution)30mls£14.20
Zineryt lotion (erythromycin in solution)60mls (2 x 30mls)£25.00
Zineryt lotion (erythromycin in solution)90mls (1 x 90mls)£33.00
Differin cream (adapalene 0.1%)45 grams£22.00
Differin cream (adapalene 0.1%)90 grams (2 x 45 grams)£39.00
Differin gel (adapalene 0.1%)45 grams£22.00
Differin gel (adapalene 0.1%)90 grams (2 x 45 grams)£39.00
Isotrex gel (isotretinoin 0.05%)30 grams£14.80
Isotrex gel (isotretinoin 0.05%)60 grams (2 x 30 grams)£26.00
Isotrex gel (isotretinoin 0.05%)90 grams (3 x 30 grams)£36.00
Duac gel (benzoyl peroxide 5% and clindamycin 1%)25 grams£18.50
Duac gel (benzoyl peroxide 5% and clindamycin 1%)50 grams (1 x 50 grams)£32.00
Duac gel (benzoyl peroxide 5% and clindamycin 1%)75 grams (3 x 25 grams)£42.00
Epiduo gel (benzoyl peroxide 2.5% and adapalene 0.1%)45 grams£26.20
Epiduo gel (benzoyl peroxide 2.5% and adapalene 0.1%)90 grams (2 x 45 grams)£46.00
Epiduo gel (benzoyl peroxide 2.5% and adapalene 0.1%)135 grams (3 x 45 grams)£69.00
Lymecycline 408mg28 capsules£14.80
Lymecycline 408mg56 capsules£22.00
Lymecycline 408mg84 capsules£32.00
Priligy for premature ejaculation
Priligy (dapoxetine) 30mg3 tablets£19.50
Priligy (dapoxetine) 30mg6 tablets£37.00
Priligy (dapoxetine) 30mg12 tablets£69.00
Priligy (dapoxetine) 60mg3 tablets£28.00
Priligy (dapoxetine) 60mg6 tablets£49.00
Priligy (dapoxetine) 60mg12 tablets£89.00

private prescription

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2. Post your private paper prescription to the pharmacy. Click here for pharmacy address and telephone number (please telephone pharmacy for pricing information).

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