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Important: Do not register multiple accounts or order for other people Information

Do not register multiple accounts

Duplicate accounts are combined

We look at new accounts that have similarities. If we are sure they belong to the same person, we combine them. This ensures each person only has one account order history. You can log in or reset password to an existing account.

Please do not order for other people

Each person must register their own account with a separate email address. All prescriptions must be in the name of the intended recipient (legal requirement).


Some medicines gender restricted Information

Transgender patients must select their gender at birth - we apologise to any patients with objections.

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Your GP should always be notified of medication supplied.
Dr Fox will inform your GP if you provide their contact details.

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Data security

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Information sent between your browser and the Dr Fox web server is encrypted so that it cannot be read or changed as it travels over the internet (certified by Norton/Symantec).

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Check your green browser address bar or click the 'Norton' logo to verify.

In addition Dr Fox servers are regularly scanned for any vulnerabilities.