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Can you buy generic Champix (varenicline)?


Not yet. Champix is the only brand name of the drug varenicline currently available in the UK or the EU. Champix was patented in 2006, and remains under patent until September 2021 in the UK/EU – in the USA it is patented until 2020 under the brand name of Chantix, so it cannot be legally sold until the patent expires.

The active medical ingredient in Champix is called varenicline. Varenicline is the generic name of the product.

Champix is prescription-only medicine.

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Concerns over pharmacy websites not registered with the Care Quality Commission

Online doctors Uncovered - BBC Panorama

On Monday 6 August 2018 BBC Panorama aired an investigation into Online Doctors Uncovered which cited safety concerns over websites selling prescription drugs.

Professor Steve Field, chief inspector of general practice for the Care Quality Commission (CQC), has said:

You should look for the CQC logo because some of these websites, if they are not regulated by the CQC, can be very, very dangerous.

We know that these websites can present convenient ways for people to access advice, treatment and medication.

However some services may be putting patients at risk. We are particularly concerned that risks to patients may not always be appropriately assessed or managed when they buy medicines online.

As with conventional GP surgeries, these online companies and pharmacies are required to provide safe, high-quality and compassionate care and must adhere to exactly the same standards. They must not cut corners.

We will continue to work closely with the other regulatory bodies to share intelligence where we have concerns and take action where necessary. Providers and clinicians must be clear on their responsibilities to protect people who use their services.

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10 facts about online pharmacies in the UK

It is safe to say that the opportunity to consult with a doctor and receive prescription medication over the internet has changed the face of medicine in the UK. But how much do you know about online pharmacies? Read on for 10 facts that will help you understand what medicines they provide and the difference between ethical online pharmacies and all the rest.

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Is Dr Fox a scam?

It’s normal to want to check that the company you’re buying your medication online from is legitimate. When it comes to your health, making sure you get the right dose for the right problem is crucial. If it isn’t, you could end up needing more serious treatment. That’s why this page is here – to make sure you know exactly why Dr Fox is the right option for you. Read in full

Medicine prices compared

Dr Fox 25%–50% cheaper medicine

When you get Champix, or Propecia, or Malarone or erectile dysfunction treatment from Dr Fox you get a good deal.

Researchers have compared prices of treatment at The Online Clinic, 121 Doc, Lloyds Online Doctor, First Med, Meds  4 All, Private Meds, Health Express and Chemist Direct.

See comparison of prices for Propecia, Champix and Malarone and erectile dysfunction.

Some online clinics are charging 2 or 3 times the wholesale price for prescription medicine. Dr Fox, on the other hand, adds around 15% to the wholesale price and provides exactly the same medicine. Read in full

Suppliers of counterfeit medicine could face up to 12 years in jail

The MHRA (Medicine and Healthcare product Regulatory Agency) is consulting on proposals to strengthen legislation against counterfeit medicine. Current legislation is not deterring the sale of counterfeit medicine, particularly the sales of prescription medicine from illegal websites.

It is estimated 50% to 90% of medication bought over the web is non-genuine. It is certainly true to say the normal checks doctors carry out  before they issue prescription medicine are not taking place when medicine is supplied on illegal websites, many based overseas. Read in full