Viagra gives me headaches

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How can I avoid getting headaches when taking Viagra? Is it ok to take anadin or paracetamol to cure the headache pain?
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Viagra and kidney problems

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I would like to take Viagra but one of my kidneys is not working 100% – can I still go for it? And how much can I take in one go?

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Can men who are trying for a pregnancy take Propecia?

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I have read the information on your website regarding Propecia. However, there is no information regarding whether or not a male who is trying for a baby with his partner can take Propecia. I have heard conflicting information on this, and although you have made it clear that women, especially when pregnant, could suffer birth defects from coming into contact with finasteride, there is no mention on your website about whether men who are trying for a pregnancy should avoid Propecia. I have read the patient information leaflet, and there is nothing about it there either. Based on the above, I am assuming that it is ok for men who are trying for a pregnancy to take Propecia, but would very much appreciate confirmation from one of your doctors on this matter.

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Is gonorrhea treatment the same as chlamydia treatment?

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Been told by an ex that she has gonorrhoea and I fear I do as well as I’ve had some symptoms. Rather than sit in a clinic I was hoping to discretely take the medicine to treat it. I read online that chlamydia treatment is the same. Is this the case? Read in full

Can I use Vaniqa cream on facial hair on my cheeks and sideburn areas?

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I am considering an online Vaniqa consultation with your company. I have read the important information page as requested by the consultation. I wonder if one of your doctors can get back to me with to answer following query:

I would like to use Vaniqa on excess facial hair that is on my cheeks and sideburn area. Is it suitable to use Vaniqa on these areas? Read in full

I’m taking Rigevidon but missed a few pills and my period is late – should I see a doctor?

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I started taking Rigevidon a couple of months ago and have had no issues with it. I am currently on my week of not taking a pill and my period hasn’t started. During the month I forgot to take the pill twice but remembered and took two at the same time the next day (on two occasions). Should I go see a doctor or is it normal for me to not get a period? Read in full

My parcel from Dr Fox has not been delivered?

Dr Fox no longer posts medicine outside the UK

This is for regulatory reasons beyond our control.

Lost parcel iconIf you have not received your item please review the information below.

Royal Mail UK deliveries

Medicine from Dr Fox is sent Royal Mail Tracked 24 requiring a signature on receipt (by someone aged over 18). If no-one is available to sign for the delivery the postman/woman will leave a postal note with instructions on how to pick-up the parcel from your neighbours, a local post office depot, or to arrange a re-delivery for another day. After 18 days any undelivered items will be returned to our pharmacy – we will then attempt to contact you to either arrange re-delivery or offer a full refund.

UPDATE: Since the Covid Pandemic started in 2020 the post office is no longer getting physical signatures from customers.

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Travelling abroad with prescription medicines?

importing medicineEssentially you should check the regulations for the destination country and also any countries you stay in during transit (ie: you leave the transit/departure area of the airport) with the relevant embassy (see list of embassies in the UK).

Different countries have different regulations about what type of medicine and maximum quantity that you can bring into the country.

Some medicines that are available over the counter in the UK may be subject to stricter regulation in other countries (and vice versa).

Medicines should be kept in their original packaging – prescription medicine will also be labelled by the pharmacy, including your name, and this should also be retained as proof that the medicine is for personal use.

You should also take a copy of the prescription with you. Dr Fox can provide a copy of a patient’s prescription on request for travel/import purposes. Read in full