I’m taking Rigevidon but missed a few pills and my period is late – should I see a doctor?

Full question:
I started taking Rigevidon a couple of months ago and have had no issues with it. I am currently on my week of not taking a pill and my period hasn’t started. During the month I forgot to take the pill twice but remembered and took two at the same time the next day (on two occasions). Should I go see a doctor or is it normal for me to not get a period?

Response from Dr Fox:
It is not unusual for periods to be missed (for a period not to occur) during the pill free week whilst taking this sort of contraceptive pill (Rigevidon). It is unusual for this to be because of pregnancy, rather it is one of the things that occurs whilst taking the pill. However, because you missed pills in the preceding cycle, even though you did the right thing in taking the missed pill the next day, it would be prudent to have a pregnancy test from a chemists in 3 weeks, or discuss with a GP. The chances of pregnancy are small.