Can I use Vaniqa cream on facial hair on my cheeks and sideburn areas?

Full question:

I am considering an online Vaniqa consultation with your company. I have read the important information page as requested by the consultation. I wonder if one of your doctors can get back to me with to answer following query:

I would like to use Vaniqa on excess facial hair that is on my cheeks and sideburn area. Is it suitable to use Vaniqa on these areas? The reason why I am asking this question is because your website says this:

Vaniqa is applied twice daily and is rubbed-in to areas of increased hair growth, usually the top lip and under the chin. Vaniqa is not for use on other parts of the body, where it is unlikely to be effective.

Response from Dr Fox:
Vaniqa is licenced for use on the face in general. It is likely to be effective on the cheeks and sideburn areas. See the patient leaflet for further details.