Can men who are trying for a pregnancy take Propecia?

Full question:
I have read the information on your website regarding Propecia. However, there is no information regarding whether or not a male who is trying for a baby with his partner can take Propecia. I have heard conflicting information on this, and although you have made it clear that women, especially when pregnant, could suffer birth defects from coming into contact with finasteride, there is no mention on your website about whether men who are trying for a pregnancy should avoid Propecia. I have read the patient information leaflet, and there is nothing about it there either. Based on the above, I am assuming that it is ok for men who are trying for a pregnancy to take Propecia, but would very much appreciate confirmation from one of your doctors on this matter.

Response from Dr Fox:
The manufacturer of Propecia does not advise against the use of Propecia in men who are planning to father children. However, there are some notes on the subject of possible reduced sex drive and possible reduced fertility in the patient information leaflet supplied with Propecia. There is no known risk to the foetus. However men taking Propecia should use a condom if having intercourse with a woman who is known to be pregnant.

Finasteride is found in semen but experts advise that:

there is no need for a man to use a condom if his sexual partner is pregnant or likely to become pregnant, as the amount of finasteride excreted following a 1 mg dose is too small to be harmful.

It is true that pregnant women or women intending to become pregnant should not come into contact with finasteride as there is a risk to the development of the unborn child’s sex organs, and the tablets are film-coated to prevent accidental contact. Propecia tablets should therefore not be broken or crushed.