Thrush in men – quick treatment and prevention

man grabbing crotch holding sign saying 'thrush' in frontIt’s something you probably wouldn’t even discuss with your best mates, let alone face the embarrassment of describing it to a doctor, which makes thrush the perfect condition to treat through an online consultation.

Do you have thrush?

Thrush manifests itself in men as soreness, inflammation, or itching usually at the head of the penis. It can also cause discharge. First-time sufferers should seek a professional diagnosis, as the condition shares symptoms with certain STIs and you’ll want to rule these out before beginning treatment. Those with compromised immune systems should also ensure they consult with their GP, as the infection could progress to invasive candidiasis.

Get relief fast

Dr Fox offers a number of widely used, highly effective capsules and creams for treating thrush. They contain anti-fungal medicines called imidazoles, which act quickly on the infection. In men, thrush is simply treated by applying a cream to the penis and affected area 2-3 times per day for 10-14 days. It can also be treated with a single dose fluconazole capsule taken orally.

Treatment should result in total relief and freedom from symptoms within 10 days, however if after that time you still have symptoms, you should seek medical advice. Also keep in mind that thrush treatments cannot be substituted for STI treatments – if you suspect you may have one, further medical consultation and testing are advised.

Do you get thrush from sex?

Thrush infections can be spread through sex, and though it is not considered an STI (as the yeast that causes the infection is present naturally) both partners may need treatment to prevent re-infection. It can be passed from penis to vagina backwards and forwards, and sometimes only one partner experiences symptoms of infection.

Thrush can also come about in men and women who are not sexually active. The candida fungus occurs naturally in the body but does not usually cause problems because the immune system keeps it under control. As a skin condition, it can develop in the body where folds of skin come together, and thrives in warm, moist places. It is not well understood why thrush becomes active and begins to produce symptoms. It can flare up when taking antibiotics or when an illness compromises the body’s immune defences.

Tips to prevent thrush in men

Help avoid another thrush infection in the future by:

  • Keeping your penis clean and drying it thoroughly after washing
  • Using a condom (if your partner has thrush)
  • Avoiding perfumed soaps and shower gels on your genitals
  • Wearing loose cotton underwear to keep the area dry