Not just contraception: other uses of The Pill

The combined pill contains progestogen hormone, and synthetic oestrogen. Most commonly the combined pill is used as an effective means of contraception.

However, did you know these hormones can offer several other health benefits? In fact, some benefits of the pill are so important that patients may take them exclusively for those reasons.

Periods are different for every woman, and if you’re unlucky, they bring a lot of pain and complications.

Fortunately, the pill can have positive effects on problems such as period pain and premenstrual syndrome, but that’s not all they can be good for…

Here are some other popular uses for the pill.

Clearer skin

Skin conditions like acne can be a real problem when it comes to finding a solution. Acne is sometimes associated with excessive androgen (male hormone) levels in your body and some pills reduce the levels. How this works depends on which pill you take and the combination of hormones contained in them.

Taking the combination of norgestimate and ethinylestradiol could reduce the appearance of acne. There are other options too, such as Yasmin, which can be found in our online pharmacy. Always consult a GP first before obtaining contraceptive pills online.

With any of these options, you are likely to see improvements in your skin in a couple of months.

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) relief

Different symptoms of PMS require different pills but relief is available for most issues. A common problem is breast tenderness; the solution for this is a pill lower in oestrogen, such as Mercilon. If bloating is bothersome, trying a pill containing drospirenone has been found to help prevent fluid retention, e.g. Yasmin or Yaz.

Take the pill for three to four months to see whether this provides any success.

Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) relief

PCOS is a hormonal disorder that triggers irregular cycles, excessive hair growth, and acne. Although the pill cannot cure it, research has shown that it can offer symptom relief. Experts recommend women who have it to take a pill with 30 to 35 mcg of oestrogen. Oestrogen can combat all problems related to PCOS.

Reduces period pain

Most pills ensure the taker bleeds less and for a shorter time which results in little or no cramping.

This is because you don’t ovulate when using the pill, so your uterine lining doesn’t build up as much. Women who suffer from anaemia (iron deficiency) due to heavy periods could consider the pill for health reasons.

Controls periods

Women on the pill can reschedule their period so that it doesn’t come at inconvenient times. This can be done on a monophasic formula, which contains pills in only two different colours: one for the active pills and one for the placebos. You simply keep taking active pills (typically up to three months) and switch to placebos when you’re ready to menstruate.

There is some debate among healthcare professionals about using synthetic hormones for these purposes. It’s important to realise that oral contraceptives are not the answer to every problem and there could be more natural options for some of the conditions.