New migraine treatments

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Additional triptan migraine relief medications are now available from Dr Fox as tablets, melt-in-the-mouth tablets, and nasal sprays – from £7.10:

  • Sumatriptan (50mg & 10mg tablets, and 10mg-20mg nasal sprays)
  • Rizatriptan (10mg tablets & melt-in-the-mouth tablets)
  • Zolmitriptan (2.5mg or 5mg tablets & melt-in-the-mouth tablets, 5mg nasal spray)

Migraine is common in the UK, affecting about 1 in 4 women and 1 in 12 men. Triptans have been used by millions of people throughout the world for decades and are generally considered safe drugs. Triptan medication is for people under 65, who have been diagnosed with migraine, not for other types of headaches.

People experiencing frequent migraines may benefit from preventative treatments. If suffering more than one migraine per week, see your GP to discuss preventative treatment.

Read medical information and complete a medical questionnaire to order online from Dr Fox:

Comparing different triptans

Comparing different triptans
*NNT effectiveness score at 2 hours. Research doctors use NNT (numbers needed to treat) to compare effectiveness of different medications: lower number = more effective.
Triptan type NNT effectiveness score* Speed of symptom relief 2nd dose at 2 hours if symptoms continue 24 hour maximum Use with propranolol
Rizatriptan 10mg tablet 2.7 30 mins No 2 tablets No
Sumatriptan 100mg tablet 3.5 30 mins No 3 tablets Yes
Imigran 20mg nasal spray 3.5 15 mins No 2 sprays Yes
Zolmitriptan 5mg tablet 4.8 1 hour Yes 2 tablets Yes
Zolmitriptan 2.5mg tablet 5 1 hour Yes 2 tablets Yes
Imigran 10mg nasal spray 5.5 15 mins No 2 sprays Yes
Sumatriptan 50mg tablet 6.1 30 mins No 6 tablets Yes