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10 facts about online pharmacies in the UK

It is safe to say that the opportunity to consult with a doctor and receive prescription medication over the internet has changed the face of medicine in the UK. But how much do you know about online pharmacies? Read on for 10 facts that will help you understand what medicines they provide and the difference between ethical online pharmacies and all the rest.

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Online symptom checker or online consultation?

online symptoms checkWith the introduction of online symptom checkers, many people are using the web to diagnose anything from a cold to cancer, but nothing replaces a trip to your doctor. However, an online consultation can provide useful information and help self-diagnosis for minor issues or whilst waiting for an appointment.

If you have a small health issue you feel does not requires professional attention, you may be able to get the advice you need, and even a prescription, without leaving the house.

Limitations of online symptom checkers

The amount of medical information available online is astonishing, but for every useful piece of information you will find a large number of inaccuracies. You may find quick answers to medical questions you have, but can you really rely on this information to treat your condition? Read in full

Dr Fox video


Dr Fox supplies prescription medicine posted at prices lower than other clinics.

Customers select treatment from the menus, 
read an information page, and then complete a Yes/No questionnaire to check suitability.

Customers then choose the medicine required, 
enter delivery details, and make a payment.

All orders are checked by UK doctors, and all medicines are posted from a registered UK pharmacy.

Items are delivered a day or two later, posted discreetly, with guaranteed delivery or money back.

Prices are usually 25-50% lower than other online pharmacies.

The service is very highly rated on independent customer review websites.

The service is managed by a team of GPs, who also work in the NHS. We are fully regulated in the UK by the Care Quality Commission and General Pharmaceutical Council.

You can use the Dr Fox website knowing all products are 100% genuine and you are dealing with professionals.

With low costs, fast approval, and excellent customer service – choose Dr Fox online healthcare with confidence.

Dr Fox featured in BMJ article

Screenshot of article from the BMJ websiteDr Fox has been featured in an article by Margaret McCartney in the British Medical Journal: The doctor won’t see you now: online consulting and prescribing

The BMJ (British Medical Journal) is an international, peer reviewed, influential and widely read medical journal.

Tony Steele, a general practitioner, set up online medical services through his website, DrFox (, two years ago. He told the BMJ that many routine face to face consultations with GPs could be done safely online. He said, “It should be possible to do the necessary safety checks without interfering with primary care’s function. We are aware that some treatment areas are complex, and we don’t get involved in that. Hay fever or malaria medication would normally involve an appointment with the doctor, whereas online it may actually be better.” The site also provides copious written information for patients.

Steele told the BMJ, “We know that in ED [erectile dysfunction], the NHS will fund only small quantities [of drugs], and most men don’t qualify for a supply on the NHS, so it will likely be a private prescription anyway. Many people with busy lives might need a stopgap when they can’t get it from their GP, they are busy at work, or have travel commitments. We would only do this if there is the mechanism for making sure it was safe and by doing the necessary checks.”

Steele is aware that his service doesn’t have access to notes on medical history. He said, “We are more conservative than any other clinic we know.” He also said that a GP’s contact details are required when women request repeat supplies of contraceptive pills or cystitis treatment. However, for other treatments between 20% and 30% of patients ask for details not to be sent to their GP. The DrFox website has 2500 visitors a day, with 5% making an order. Half these orders are repeat prescriptions, especially for erectile dysfunction drugs, travel drugs, and cystitis. The site has issued 70 000 prescriptions to date, with no reported adverse effects (personal communication).

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Is Dr Fox a scam?

It’s normal to want to check that the company you’re buying your medication online from is legitimate. When it comes to your health, making sure you get the right dose for the right problem is crucial. If it isn’t, you could end up needing more serious treatment. That’s why this page is here – to make sure you know exactly why Dr Fox is the right option for you. Read in full

Private prescriptions

Doctor writing a private prescriptionA private prescription is like any other prescription for medication written by a doctor, except that private prescriptions are not funded by the NHS.

Private prescriptions are written by doctors in private practice, and by NHS doctors for medication which the NHS will not fund.

The NHS does not fund travel medication, such as malaria tablets, and restricts quantities of some other medicines. The NHS will fund only a small supply of the most popular generic drugs used to treat male impotence. Read in full

Homeopathy and misplaced confidence

homeopathyThe poet WB Yates wrote, ‘Tread softly because you tread on my dreams’. Some dreams are just that and a little light treading might be in order.

Homeopathy is a system of treatment based on the principle of stimulating healing by administering ultra dilute solutions. In practice the active ingredients of homeopathic remedies are measured in parts per million. A sceptic might say the treatment is not much different from water.

Conventional medicine is known as allopathic. Allopathic treatment is associated with well known problems: side effects, interactions, cost, and for some people, the unnaturalness, are all downsides. The cure can be worse than the disease. Doctors experienced in allopathic treatment live with these concerns. Read in full