Stub it out! Top apps to quit smoking

quit smoking appsSmoking is bad for you: fact. Amongst other things, it causes lung cancer, high blood pressure, emphysema and prematurely ages your skin.

The New Year is a great time to make resolutions: fact. You can set yourself personal goals, kick old habits and feel better about yourself.

So why not combine the two and make giving up smoking your new year’s resolution?

You’ve probably wanted to give up smoking for some time, and there are plenty of mobile apps designed to make that nicotine comedown easier and facilitate your desire to kick that 20-a-day habit.

And when you realise that more than 100,000 people every year die of smoking-related diseases and a cigarette shortens your life by 11 minutes, it’s enough to make you abandon the Lambert and Butlers.

Here are 10 of the best mobile apps to help you say a final farewell to those negative nicotine sticks.

NHS Quit Smoking. iPhone – Free
One of Britain’s proudest achievements – the NHS – offers its own app to help smokers fast become ex-smokers. It has an impressive array of features on offer too, including daily support and instant tips, updates on how much money you’ve saved, how many days you’ve resisted the nicotine urge, a direct line to the NHS Stop Smoking helpline, and links to local NHS Stop Smoking services in your area.

Smoke Free. iPhone/ Android – Free
Twenty evidence-based techniques to help you quit smoking. This app allows you to log your process and cravings and get tips to deal with them. The producers claim 10 smokers quit smoking every hour using this app.

These apps are designed to make your quest for a smoke-free life so much easier. With their help, it won’t be long before the only place you’ll deem suitable for a packet of Marlboros is the bin.