Fybogel Mebeverine

fybogel mebeverine

Fybogel Mebeverine sachets are a medicine prescribed by doctors for irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

Many people experience abdominal pains, bloating, and other bowel upsets from time to time. The symptoms usually come and go but can be severe and distressing.

Fybogel is a natural fibre from Ispaghula husks. Mebeverine is an antispasmodic. The combination of the two in sachets makes it easier to go to the toilet and reduces spasm. These prescription medicines are available online from Dr Fox pharmacy.

Taking Mebeverine Fybogel is simple. Sachets are mixed with water and taken twice a day before food. An extra dose in the middle of the day can also be taken if required. It may be necessary to take the sachets regularly for a few days or weeks, but they are not normally needed all the time. Symptoms should have settled within two weeks.

Fybogel Mebeverine is gentle treatment and unlikely to cause side effects. The dual action sachets add fibre to the diet and sooth the tummy.

Irritable bowel syndrome

Irritable bowel syndrome is one of those conditions which can be difficult to understand. There does not seem to be one single cause for it. It tends to start in your twenties and then come and go, often appearing at its worst at times of stress. Problems starting after the age of forty are untypical and need investigation.

Some people can pin-point foods or events which sets their irritable bowel syndrome off. For others the pains may come out of the blue. Symptoms usually last a few weeks or days and then disappear, only to flare up again days, weeks, months or even years later. Symptoms going on for more than two weeks should be treated as suspicious and the opinion of a doctor sought.


Mebeverine on its own, in the form of tablets (135mg Mebeverine hydrochloride), is also used to treat irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Some people find their IBS symptoms are worse when they increase the amount of fibre in the diet. Mebeverine on its own, without Fybogel, might be better for these people than the combination sachets. Mebeverine is available on a doctor’s prescription.

Fybogel is also used on its own to treat IBS. People who are sensitive to Mebeverine or find it makes them constipated might prefer Fybogel alone.

There are other treatments for IBS, some of which are prescription only medicines and others that are available over-the-counter in pharmacies. Other treatments include Colpermin, which contains peppermint oil, and Buscopan and alverine citrate, which are for spasm.

Dr Fox supplies prescription medications for the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome. There is information and advice on the Dr Fox website. Importantly, medicine is not supplied without checks. Very occasionally IBS can be confused with symptoms of more serious conditions. Self treatment for prolonged severe or worsening symptoms, particularly in older age groups, can be risky.

Have I got irritable bowel syndrome?

This is the first question to ask, and the Dr Fox website and links below will help you to decide. A diagnosis from a doctor is required before getting a private prescription from Dr Fox.

For further information see the NHS page What is IBS? and the manufacturer’s patient information leaflet on Mebeverine Fybogel.