Don't be defeatED – get your manhood match fit!

1 in 10 men in the UK – approx 2.3 million – over the age of 21 suffers from ED

It causes the breakdown of 20% of all relationships

Only 33% of men seek help or advice about the problem1

When it comes to the bedroom, most of us like to think of ourselves as a dashing David Beckham rather than a lumbering Sunday league centre back. But for some men, their erection doesn’t want to play ball.

Erectile Dysfunction can occur for a variety of reasons, including physical, psychological and medical conditions, and it affects far more men that are willing to admit it.

Dr Fox's Ultimate Guide to ED aims to help you confront the problem with the skill and stamina of a Premiership pro. From causes to treatments, our resource has everything you need to know about ED–including how you can get help to beat it once and for all.

So don't stay stuck on the sexual sidelines–tackle the problem with help and advice from the experts.

Illustration of Eric Shun

Follow the journey of Eric Shun and discover what lifestyle choices may be contributing to your ED.

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What causes ED?

ED can be caused by one or several factors. Whether it's physical or psychological, the crucial thing is to identify the cause so you can combat ED as quickly and effectively as possible.

The flaccid truth about erectile dysfunction

Whether it's smoking, drinking, obesity or diet, the first step to combating ED is to identify the problem.

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The pressure of performance: ED in younger men

ED can affect the young as well as the old. Learn more about why this can happen.

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Do I need to worry?

There are a lot of myths surrounding ED and sufferers often feel embarrassed about their failure to perform. Discover why ED is nothing to be ashamed of and there's no need to worry.

Why you shouldn't be embarrassed about ED

You may find ED humiliating, but there are lots of reasons why you shouldn't be embarrassed by this common disorder.

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10 myths about ED

The prevalence of myths about ED can make it difficult to know exactly what to believe – but here's the pure, unequivocal truth.

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What treatments are available?

Since time immemorial, there has been a cornucopia of cures designed to beat the sexually frustrating dilemma of male flaccidity. From weird and wonderful concoctions to more conventional remedies, no stone has been unturned to transform man's limp noodle into a sexually towering totem.

5 treatments for ED

From vacuum pumps to counselling, there are a whole raft of modern treatments and cures available to combat ED.

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Weird and wonderful ED cures

Learn how history has seen an inventive and often unorthodox approach to curing the debilitating effects of ED.

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1Source of statistics

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