Erectile dysfunction clinic prices compared

Costs of services providing ED tablets

You may have wondered where to get the lowest cost Cialis online? The table below will help you to find out. Dr Fox always has the lowest prices for ED treatment by far.

Our researcher has visited each of the online clinic services below to look at the cost of erectile dysfunction treatment. The results are striking.

What do the prices include?

The prices below are not prices just for prescription medicines. The online clinics listed in the table below employ GMC registered doctors to issue prescriptions. The prices include online consultations and the supply of medicine from registered UK pharmacies. The prices sometimes include the cost of postage.

The GMC and the Care Quality Commission require doctors and medical services to advise patients of the costs of treatments at the outset. There are regulations prohibiting advertising the costs of prescription medicine. The table below does not give the cost for just medicine. See notes below for further detail.

Update 01-06-2011: Dr Fox now adds a small prescription charge to each consultation. See prices compared

UK online clinics erectile dysfunction prices compared

Comparative costs of online ED services from UK online clinics (19 July 2010)
MedicationDr Fox121 DocsThe Online ClinicMy Online DoctorMeds 4 AllFirst MedHealth ExpressPrivate Meds
Viagra 25mg x 4£24.20£60.00n/a£44.00£55.00£45.00£79.95£47.50
Viagra 25mg x 8£44.30£105.00n/a£74.00£85.00£79.00£129.95£80.00
Viagra 25mg x 16£82.00£165.00n/a£142.00£155.00£149.00£229.95£152.00
Viagra 50mg x 4£29.40£65.00£59.95£52.00£65.00£59.00£84.95£55.00
Viagra 50mg x 8£59.50£115.00£104.00£82.00£105.00£104.00£144.95£87.50
Viagra 50mg x 16£112.60£205.00£176.00£156.00£190.00£189.00£239.95£166.25
Viagra 100mg x 4£31.80£70.00£69.00£54.00£70.00£62.00£89.95£57.50
Viagra 100mg x 8£61.45£125.00£119.00£84.00£115.00£109.00£149.95£90.00
Viagra 100mg x 16£124.50£215.00£216.00£161.00£210.00£199.00£259.95£171.00
Cialis 2.5mg x 28£69.70£150.00n/a£109.00£140.00£113.00n/a£114.00
Cialis 2.5mg x 56£138.40£250.00n/a£179.00£260.00£205.00n/an/a
Cialis 5mg x 28£72.30£160.00n/a£109.00£140.00£113.00£199.95£114.00
Cialis 5mg x 56£142.90£250.00n/a£204.00£260.00£205.00£379.95n/a
Cialis 10mg x 4£39.70£75.00£69.95£57.00£75.00£63.00£79.95£65.00
Cialis 10mg x 8£69.40£140.00£119.95£94.00£130.00£109.00£134.95£105.00
Cialis 10mg x 16£132.30£240.00£199.95£180.00£235.00£211.00£224.95£199.50
Cialis 20mg x 4£38.40£80.00£74.95£57.00£75.00£63.00£89.95£65.00
Cialis 20mg x 8£72.10£140.00£129.95£94.00£130.00£109.00£144.95£105.00
Cialis 20mg x 16£138.40£240.00£219.95£180.00£235.00£211.00£259.95£199.50
Cialis 20mg x 24£198.40£350.00£299.95£256.00£345.00n/an/a£283.50
Levitra 5mg x 4£24.20£45.00£64.95£44.00£55.00£49.00£74.95£47.50
Levitra 5mg x 8£46.40£80.00£99.99£74.00£85.00£78.00£119.95£80.00
Levitra 10mg x 4£30.40£60.00£69.95£52.00£65.00£59.00£79.95£55.00
Levitra 10mg x 8£59.10£110.00£109.95£82.00£110.00£99.00£134.95£87.50
Levitra 10mg x 16£117.80£200.00£189.95£156.00£200.00£189.00£214.95£166.25
Levitra 10mg x 24£166.70£280.00£259.95£222.00£290.00n/an/a£236.25
Levitra 20mg x 4£31.80£70.00£84.95£54.00£70.00£62.00£84.95£57.50
Levitra 20mg x 8£61.70£130.00£149.95£84.00£115.00£109.00£144.95£90.00
Levitra 20mg x 16£123.40£230.00£249.95£161.00£210.00£199.00£249.95£171.00
Levitra 20mg x 24£185.10£330.00£339.95£229.00£305.00n/an/a£243.00
UK Delivery£2.95includedincludedFree/£2.50includedincludedincluded£2.50

2. The prices shown by the online clinics after a customer enters consultation information and is offered prescriptions. It is possible these clinics may have special offers or lower prices for repeat supplies.
3. Prices may change and are, to the best of our knowledge, accurate on 19th July 2010.
4. Dr Fox does NOT claim to provide a superior service to any of the online cilinics listed. All the clinics, as far as we are aware, comply with all regulation and, as far as we are aware, operate to high ethical standards.
5. To amend the information in this table please contact us.

Clinic service costs

The prices in the table above are for online clinic services NOT just prices for providing erectile dysfunction medicine. It is not possible to tell from the prices in the table which component of the price arises from the consultation or the prescription service and which part of the cost arises from providing the medicine and the cost of dispensing by a pharmacist.

In many ways customers are most interested in the quality of service and the quality of the product delivered. Is it genuine Cialis, is it safe for me to take it? Have I been given enough information, and will my tablets arrive on time?

Quality of ED clinic services

The online clinics listed in the table above are some of the most popular online clinics in the UK. They are reputable organisations providing quality medical services. The medicines they provide are genuine branded tablets from leading drug companies.

The erectile dysfunction tablets clinics supply come from UK registered pharmacies. Our researcher did not order Cialis or Levitra. However, he is confident these sites are providing genuine and not fake Cialis, Levitra and Viagra.

Dr Fox online clinic provides a similar ED service to the other clinics. Patients making decisions about their well-being, particularly when considering non-essential treatments, may feel they would like to be given the prices.