Contraception on prescription – the oral contraceptive pill online

It is not always easy to get a surgery for a repeat prescription of the contraceptive pill. In this situation being able to get a 3-month supply of contraception online can make all the difference.

Dr Fox provides 3-months of the contraceptive pill the contraceptive pill to women who are stable on their current pill. This is a service to help tide women over until they have their next pill check up and their regular contraception can be reviewed and renewed. Dr Fox also carries out consultations and supplies the morning after pill.
How to order
Before issuing a prescription for the pill Dr Fox carries out checks. We confirm that there have been no recent changes in the periods and there has been a face-to-face pill check in the last 12-months.

Those women who are in high-risk groups for complications are advised to see their GPs. Dr Fox does not prescribe contraception to women who are likely to need close monitoring. This is a service that allows a temporary supply of the contraception to be obtained at short notice online.

All the brands of contraceptive pill available on prescription can be obtained from Dr Fox. Prices charged by Dr Fox vary for contraceptive pills depend on the wholesale prices paid by pharmacies. Prices start from as little as £6.00 for 3 calendar packs of the pill.

The contraceptive pills we supply are the pills a woman is already taking. This may be the ordinary combine oral contraceptive pill containing progesterone and oestrogen or the mini-pill containing progesterone only. Progesterone only mini pills tend to be prescribed when a woman has not got on with the combined oral contraceptive pill or in older women or women who smoke.

The advice given on the Dr Fox website is that women over 35 who smoke should discuss with their regular doctor whether they should be on the mini-pill.

This contraception service can be provided safely online because only a 3-month supply of the pill is provided to women who are not in high risk groups. Exclusions and contraindications are checked for and clear advice is given at the time the prescription for contraception is issued.

The medicine is dispensed and posted by our registered pharmacy.

We expect this service to be useful to women who are simply too busy to get to a surgery at the time they are running out of the pill. It is also possible women who have mislaid their pills or women who are staying away from home might find an online contraceptive service useful. It usually takes only a day or two between placing an order and receipt in the post.

Making the a 3-month supply of the pill available online means women do not have to risk running out with all the problems this might entail. It also saves GP surgeries from seeing patients as emergencies. The NHS is saved the cost of paying for the contraception provided.

Dr Fox is following a trend for more services including medical services being delivered online. We are a fully regulated service supplying genuine medicine. The contraceptive provided is the same as is supplied on the NHS.