Stop Smoking: What is the Best Way for You to Quit?

best way to stop smokingThere are various ways in which people are successful at stopping smoking. However, everyone has different smoking habits and personalities, so what worked for your friend or family member might not be the right way for you. Check out these various ways and decide which will work best for you.

Cold Turkey

Going cold turkey refers to quitting abruptly and without any substitutes. This is probably one of the harder ways to go about quitting and therefore is more appropriate for people who only smoke occasionally but want to quit altogether.

The likelihood of success is doubled when using Nicotine Replacement Therapy (all of the products below) so if you do decide to go cold turkey, don’t be discouraged if you cave in a couple of times – just be sure not to give up!

Nicotine Gum

Nicotine gum usually comes in 2 doses – 2mg and 4mg – with the 4mg gum being suitable for the heavier smokers. Nicotine gum works well for those people who experience nicotine withdrawal in sudden bursts. The gum is also a great substitute for people who are used to having something to do with their mouths so perhaps chew instead of inhaling.

Nicotine Patches

If your nicotine cravings don’t come in bursts, but rather long cravings all day, then the patch would be better for you. You simply slap it on and it delivers a steady flow of nicotine into your bloodstream. It also comes in varying strengths so you can choose one that works best for you.


If you miss the hand to mouth motion of smoking and the inhaling aspect then a nicotine inhalator might be the best way for you to go. It releases the nicotine immediately and while you start off using it in similar amounts as you would cigarettes, you do need to wean yourself off it after around 12 weeks.


There are various types of medication you can take, most of which have been proven to double the success rate of quitting. Champix is an example of a medication that you can be prescribed to quit smoking, but it is only available to those over 18. Like the inhalator, using Champix to quit smoking is a 12 week process, although Champix is sometimes prescribed for longer.


No matter how long or often you’ve been smoking, quitting is a long and hard process. You are going to have cravings but the next time you feel the need for a smoke try one of these things instead:

  • Make a list of the reasons why you want to quit and start carrying it with you.
  • Call a smoke-free helpline, they are often free and will help you get through that moment of craving.
  • Tell the people in your life that you’ve quit so you can lean on them when you have a craving.
  • Carry chewing gum with you so you have something else to pop in your mouth.
  • Go for a run and appreciate the fact that you are doing your lungs a favour and won’t get out of breath as easily in the future.

What are some of the things that are helping you quit?