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Aciclovir tablets rated 9.88/10 in 33 reviews from verified Dr Fox customers.

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Very good as a preventative measure

14/12/2017 13:28
Anonymous Verified

An absolute life saver if you suffer from coldsores

27/11/2017 19:21
Anonymous Verified

works every time

26/10/2017 10:43
Anonymous Verified

Really targets coldsores quicker than anything else I've ever tried. Will be repeating my order soon!

20/10/2017 09:38
Anonymous Verified

I have suffered cold sores for many years, and have tried everything. These tablets do work.

18/10/2017 13:34
Anonymous Verified

Simply amazing product and very good service too.

10/10/2017 14:12
Anonymous Verified

For myself these work quicker than the cream.

06/10/2017 09:34
Anonymous Verified

Keeps coldsores away permanently!

11/09/2017 23:46
Anonymous Verified

great service, fast delivery.

16/08/2017 21:51
Anonymous Verified

I suffer from cold sores, when I realised I could get this product online and it was a proper prescription I was delighted. Have ordered quite a few times from Dr Fox, process is so easy from start to finish and delivery is always very fast.

03/08/2017 15:01
C. Simpson Verified

Does the job

17/07/2017 16:18
Anonymous Verified

An amazing product. Had issues with cold sores for a long while, now I don't get them as much.

26/06/2017 11:02
N. Paiu Verified

Very helpful

16/06/2017 05:12
Anonymous Verified

Product arrived in excellent condition well packed and very fast delivery. Would definitely order again.

09/06/2017 12:43
C. McGillan Verified

Good treatment

30/05/2017 14:29
Anonymous Verified

Great service and product, works quickly

26/05/2017 06:23
K. Mcarthur Verified

I bought these from Dr Fox website and received them within a couple of days. Very easy. Product reliable and always works a treat.

24/05/2017 16:05
A. HARRISON Verified

Brilliant helped keep sores away

17/05/2017 13:28
A. Stewart Verified

quality soluble medication, delivered the next day. Great service. Good value, Dr Fox provides a trusted safe gap in the market.

27/04/2017 21:16
Anonymous Verified

Great service and delivery

22/04/2017 19:59
Anonymous Verified

Absolutely great service. Prescription charges a fair and reasonable price. A UK service, fast delivery and beats any other online service I've tried.

17/04/2017 15:13
Anonymous Verified

Very Effective

23/03/2017 14:24
Anonymous Verified

I was first a little wary of using this site but I have to say I have now ordered from here twice and the service / delivery has been spot on, I have had no issues at all. I started using these tablets as when I am run down my lips come out in rashes that can stay for over a month. I start a course when I feel the start tingle and these tablets stop the rashes coming out. I find that using creams makes them worse and have suffered for years trying everything to stop them but these tablets are now my official number 1 choice. God send.

05/03/2017 15:01
Anonymous Verified

Not needed to use them yet.

04/03/2017 14:49
E. Turrell Verified

fantastic. I needed this product as was having my lip line tatooed. These really did the trick and stopped me getting cold sores which i am prone too. I would recommend this product everytime.

24/01/2017 19:00
Anonymous Verified

It was easy to navigate around. Convenient and cheaper than all online websites that I looked at. Consequences of ordering is a prescription fee as well as P&P. What can I do if my Dr won't prescribe me the meds even though I pay for prescriptions and not on benefits.

20/01/2017 13:50
C. Colbourn-Butcher Verified

What can I say? They work, have ordered some in for future use

01/12/2016 17:50
Anonymous Verified

Excellent. Works really quickly and stops the cold sores spreading.

21/11/2016 14:58
K. Proctor Verified

Arrived quickly and cleared up the cold sore in no time!

12/11/2016 13:26
Anonymous Verified

Fab product and great service

12/11/2016 12:20
C. Breese Verified

Excellent product cleared cold sores, and super fast delivery, thank you

13/10/2016 07:23
C. Agger Verified

Speedy delivery and hassle free. Thank you!

11/10/2016 13:57
Anonymous Verified

Has made my life so much better. My cold sores were ruining everything.

12/08/2016 10:52
I. Martin Verified


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