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Working for me. Long term 35 year smoker

19/03/2017 23:10
A. Inverarity Verified

det virker

17/03/2017 07:11
M. ONAL Verified

Awesome product

06/03/2017 07:59
C. Williams Verified

These tablets are really helping me to stop.

17/02/2017 19:51
M. LLoyd Verified

Really working

01/02/2017 14:37
Anonymous Verified

Worked well and as described.

23/01/2017 23:40
Anonymous Verified

Worked well and as described.

23/01/2017 23:40
Anonymous Verified

Worked well and as described.

23/01/2017 23:40
Anonymous Verified

Very quick delivery and very helpful in fighting my battle against nicotine

23/01/2017 06:49
Anonymous Verified

These work but you need to have a positive attitude about giving up!

03/01/2017 16:47
Anonymous Verified

Great product, family traumas broke my willpower, excellent product, so long as your aware you may dream a lot more and do require discipline and regular times. The service from dr fox is in comparison to being the best and safest service online

22/12/2016 11:58
J. Corbett Verified

Don't go anywhere else Dr Fox is a reputable and fantastic online service, safe

22/12/2016 11:38
Anonymous Verified

Fantastic reliable U.K. Service

22/12/2016 11:37
Anonymous Verified

Great service,

22/12/2016 11:37
Anonymous Verified

They do work, you have to be disciplined,

22/12/2016 11:36
S. Corbett Verified

Thank you very much. I hope my boyfriend will stop smoking. ;)

06/12/2016 15:02
Anonymous Verified

Not finished the course yet so can't really give 5☆ .

29/11/2016 10:34
Anonymous Verified

Fast problem free service. Excellent website

18/11/2016 14:15
D. Stewart Verified

My order arrived promptly (thanks Dr Fox). I don't have the time to go and visit a clinic to get prescriptions so decided this route would suit me for now. I began the Champix and continued to smoke for about 2 days at my normal rate of approx. 8 a day. By day 8 I was down to smoking half a cigarette in the evening and although I didn't want one - I had to try it! The Champix is really good and if you even remotely wished you didn't smoke then please give it a go.

09/11/2016 12:49
H. Lear Verified

Good product

03/11/2016 21:29
Anonymous Verified

Great for gradually reducing cravings to virtually nothing.

03/11/2016 08:16
Anonymous Verified

It gets easier after time

27/10/2016 19:32
Anonymous Verified

Works well with will power

27/10/2016 19:32
Anonymous Verified

Have tried many times to quit smoking over the years without success, heard about this product through friends so thought I'd give it a go, so far so good it has just been a little over three weeks since I started the course and have not smoked and have had no real cravings, i feel with the help of Champix I can really quit for good this time.

21/10/2016 10:56
Anonymous Verified

This works!!!! Thank God!

20/10/2016 17:37
Anonymous Verified

Great product and incredibly fast shipping, highly recommended! Will use again

15/09/2016 20:05
J. Silva Verified

works a treat

15/09/2016 07:38
Anonymous Verified

Fantastic tablet that truly works.

09/09/2016 18:39
Anonymous Verified


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