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Tadalafil rated 4.19/5 in 69 reviews from verified Dr Fox customers.

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Works very well with no side effects for me.

24/02/2018 17:05
Anonymous Verified

Do the job, recommended.

20/02/2018 20:00
Anonymous Verified

Changed my life!

20/02/2018 17:36
Anonymous Verified


18/02/2018 22:03
D. Chawner Verified

Didn't work quite as described but it gives me enough for what I need, I'm satisfied

17/02/2018 17:04
Anonymous Verified

I take a 5mg dose of taladafil each day for the treatment of benign prostate enlargemant. I discovered that the FDA in USA have accepted this as a suitable treatment for the condition. I can say that it has really worked for me. From getting up 3 or 4 times per night, I now get up no more than once and sometimes not at all. (I am 73 years of age).

17/02/2018 12:45
Anonymous Verified

Excellent! Taken Saturday morning and lasted until Monday!!

15/02/2018 12:29
Anonymous Verified

Sex's better and hapiness is back again.

13/02/2018 12:03
Anonymous Verified

Tried twice, first time was a minor success but second use had little or no effect

12/02/2018 13:28
Anonymous Verified

Product works, not as amazingly as I had hoped, but def worked nonetheless. The service was excellent however..5*

10/02/2018 22:38
Anonymous Verified

Headache,feeling unwell and heavy sinus when taken for 2 days

10/02/2018 13:01
Anonymous Verified

Worked really well first time I took it but the last three times the effect lasts about 30 minutes then my erection suddenly disappears and I cannot acheive arousal for a few days after. As this medication gives exactly the opposite effect to what is desired won't be using it again. Will go back to sildenafil.

09/02/2018 15:05
Anonymous Verified

didnt work for me

09/02/2018 09:45
Anonymous Verified

Worked Great

08/02/2018 00:55
Anonymous Verified

Found the single dose failed to work.

Dr Fox response:
Thank you for your review, and sorry you were disappointed with the tablets, they usually work well as evidenced by other reviews. There can be many reasons why erectile dysfunction tablets do not have the desired effect on any given occasion. Please contact our doctors if you would like to discuss treatment. All medicine is UK licensed and supplied from a registered UK pharmacy. Unwanted medicine can be returned for a refund. Regards - Dr Fox team.

07/02/2018 19:04
Anonymous Verified

Need 20mg found 10mg too little.

04/02/2018 21:11
M. Parker Verified

Have tried Viagra before with limited success but this new Tadalafil is amazing stuff. Works very quickly and for up to 24 hrs at least. I have been waking up ready to go for the first time in 2 years and feel much more “alive” down there all the time

03/02/2018 15:22
Anonymous Verified

10mg is very effective for me. thanks.

03/02/2018 14:50
Anonymous Verified

Great product only side effect was a slight headache.

02/02/2018 18:02
Anonymous Verified

Works great and lasts up to three days, great value and strong long lasting erection

02/02/2018 17:27
Anonymous Verified


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