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I have been using the product for 12 months and i think its working

21/02/2018 14:06
S. Manojlovic Verified

only have had this for 2 months, but seems to be working gradually.

12/02/2018 19:04
Anonymous Verified

Excellent cheapest online product

10/02/2018 11:39
T. Miles Verified

Genuine product gets results.

03/02/2018 12:25
Anonymous Verified

seems to be working

30/01/2018 14:33
Anonymous Verified


23/01/2018 17:41
Anonymous Verified

As good as Propecia at a third of the price. Wish I new about these a few years ago!

20/01/2018 09:41
Anonymous Verified

Does what it says on tin! Very well!!!!!

17/01/2018 16:28
Anonymous Verified

Thick! Thick! Thick!

09/01/2018 20:44
E. Caruso Verified

Great product

07/01/2018 22:46
Anonymous Verified

The product is good and i can notice a reduction of hair loss since I use it!

07/01/2018 14:55
Anonymous Verified

After 4 weeks have started seeing new hair growth

07/01/2018 07:06
Anonymous Verified

Cheapest generic available.

03/01/2018 19:14
Anonymous Verified

Excellent product

02/01/2018 19:19
P. Lynsey Verified

No good so far hasn’t worked

Dr Fox response:
Thank you for your review. With finasteride 1mg taken daily, the study data shows improved growth usually starts after 3 months and is noticeable by 4-6 months. Maximum benefit is seen at 1-2 years.

28/12/2017 09:27
Anonymous Verified

Good improvement after 3 month

20/12/2017 21:54
Anonymous Verified

Started to see a noticeable improvement after just 3 months, I take 0.5mg / day (cut the tablet in half) no major side effects apart from a slight boost in Testosterone, which is very much welcome at my age

Dr Fox response:
Thank you for your review. Finasteride 1mg tablets are film coated and not meant to be split. Pregnant women should not come into contact with split tablets as there is potential risk to baby.

18/12/2017 15:09
G. Hubball Verified

Works but not amazing

Dr Fox response:
Thank you for your review. Results wil vary from person to person. Clinical studies show improved hair growth usually noticeable after 4-6 months of taking finasteride 1mg daily. Maximum benefit is seen between 1-2 years. At 5 years men have a 90% chance of having more or the same amount of hair they started with. This compares with 25% of men not taking finasteride 1mg.

13/12/2017 14:03
Anonymous Verified

Saved my hair, 5 stars!

07/12/2017 00:22
Anonymous Verified

Used in combination with Regaine but showing immediate results, within 4 weeks

05/12/2017 20:18
Anonymous Verified


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