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Initial 6 month course taken with no side effects. Too early to rate product properly but no further hair loss experienced so far. Dr Fox products are the best value & genuine

20/10/2016 14:45
Anonymous Verified

Good product

19/10/2016 10:11
Anonymous Verified

Starting to notice some difference, hopefully will be a lot more noticeable after another six months

17/10/2016 19:08
Anonymous Verified

Ok but don't think any improvement to hair after 2 years although no regrowth less hair loss

16/10/2016 19:32
Anonymous Verified

product works fine, good packaging.

14/10/2016 10:20
Anonymous Verified

really good

13/10/2016 18:11
S. Smith Verified

Its works great

13/10/2016 14:41
Anonymous Verified

Good product, good price

12/10/2016 18:58
Anonymous Verified

everything i asked for. perfect.

11/10/2016 17:55
R. Patel Verified

It is great!!

05/10/2016 16:36
Anonymous Verified

Good product

01/10/2016 20:38
T. Bridgwater Verified

I still have noticed slight difference but it's still early days..

01/10/2016 09:53
Anonymous Verified

Fast delivery

29/09/2016 20:29
Anonymous Verified

Works as expected thanks.

29/09/2016 02:03
Anonymous Verified

Very good fast delivery

28/09/2016 20:08
T. Pickering Verified

This produce seems to be making my hair thinker and stronger. I would recommend it.

28/09/2016 19:40
Anonymous Verified

No further hair loss.

19/09/2016 15:41
Anonymous Verified

Works very well, a few months in and hair regrowth is insane!

19/09/2016 15:32
Anonymous Verified

Shipped quickly, great quality

19/09/2016 11:24
M. CHEESE Verified

Working well so far with no more hair loss and minor regrowth. See album

10/09/2016 10:28
Anonymous Verified

Quick delivery On my second month of finistride no sides which is good. Had one side effect on real propecia so questions on how good these really are only time will tell.

06/09/2016 13:47
Anonymous Verified


05/09/2016 15:19
Anonymous Verified

Product appears to be working, great value.

02/09/2016 19:37
Anonymous Verified

Great product and from what I can tell well produced, not like the Indian generic replicas that can be suspicious.

30/08/2016 09:56
Anonymous Verified

Fast delivery and great service. Quite expensive for a generic drug but still acceptable considering an online prescription option.

29/08/2016 13:46
Anonymous Verified

Arrived on time for my first order :)

27/08/2016 15:47
Anonymous Verified


26/08/2016 01:37
Anonymous Verified


24/08/2016 07:37
Anonymous Verified

This product has helped me a lot. A great place to buy this medicine from.

20/08/2016 15:54
A. Ali Verified

Glad to find generic Finasteride tablets at such a great price!

17/08/2016 12:45
K. Singh Verified

Great product really helps so far all good

14/08/2016 10:23
R. Sharma Verified

£14 increase in price to my regular order. Not much cheaper than competitors now. Very sad.

Dr Fox response:
Thank you for your review. There was previously a manufacturer shortage of Finasteride 1mg which increased the wholesale supply price. This situation has since resolved and prices have again reduced (see prices). Competitor prices are checked regularly and we endeavour to keep prices as low as possible. Best regards - the Dr Fox Team.

25/07/2016 15:26
R. Watson Verified

It works for me. I think I have high DHT due to stress & too much sugar.

18/07/2016 00:26
Anonymous Verified

Great product

07/07/2016 07:44
R. Smith Verified


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