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Eumovate rated 4.62/5 in 13 reviews from verified Dr Fox customers.

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Found it. A bit greasy

18/07/2024 10:20
S. Scotter Verified


Wonderful and very affective

14/07/2024 08:02
D. Burgess Verified


Effective at controlling eczma. Occasional use prevents it from recurring.

10/04/2024 02:57
Anonymous Verified


Quick response

05/04/2024 04:58
Anonymous Verified


fast delivery ,and good packaging

24/03/2024 04:04
F. LAMBERT Verified


really really good, wish i had bought the Ointment tho as its more effective for my dry skin

24/01/2024 10:48
C. Probin Verified


Eumovate cream stop itching on spot-on my legs and back

29/11/2023 10:01
A. Graham Verified


Works better than the NHS cream, You do not get immediate relief however it lasts longer & is easier to working into the skin.

13/11/2023 01:45
Anonymous Verified


as a long time user its the only thing that easily treats my skin condition

05/06/2023 12:04
D. Irvine Verified


Worked quickly to soothe and clear

05/05/2022 10:21
Anonymous Verified


Excellent response

20/02/2022 10:17
Anonymous Verified


This Eumovate is excellent if you have a sore point on your body use Eumovate

22/01/2022 06:52
Anonymous Verified


Used before, works very well.

22/12/2021 03:39
Anonymous Verified


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