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Ciprofloxacin rated 9.8/10 in 20 reviews from verified Dr Fox customers.

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dose a very important job

11/11/2017 17:07
Anonymous Verified

Great cleared up my illness

20/09/2017 19:51
Anonymous Verified

Fantastic service

23/07/2017 09:28
Anonymous Verified

It helped with my symptoms and I did not have any major side effects

19/05/2017 08:01
Anonymous Verified

Excellent service

15/05/2017 09:33
J. Kirby Verified

Exactly as promised with expiration date in tact.

25/04/2017 14:21
Anonymous Verified

Timely delivery and arrived as described

19/04/2017 14:49
Anonymous Verified

I was dubious about ordering medicine online. The service was fantastic, prompt delivery and the real thing as have had cipro before, the exact brand. From my experience you can order from Dr. Fox knowing you are going to receive exactly what you order. Thank you

07/04/2017 14:55
K. Baker Verified

Product excellent. We understand it has a 5 year shelf life but the Dr Fox product came with oly 2 years life left - not long enough for us.

16/03/2017 14:41
Anonymous Verified

This is an essential medicine if you are travelling away from the normal tourist destinations. Despite your best efforts to maintain good personal hygiene , something as simple as shaking hands, or opening a door can kick off a "gippy tummy" with all its embarrassments. Ciprofloxacin sorts it within 24 hours, to allow you to enjoy the rest of your hard-earned holiday . Read the information leaflet carefully.

13/03/2017 09:45
R. CUDD Verified

So easy to order and received timely. Really pleased!

19/01/2017 14:31
Anonymous Verified

prompt, professional service and fast delivery!

04/01/2017 17:49
Anonymous Verified

Very fast delivery and cheap prices compared to other pharmacies.

02/01/2017 17:32
L. Martin Verified

Useful standby.

28/12/2016 21:20
Anonymous Verified

Both had gastrointestinal infection travelling in Africa used at first signs reduced recovery time markedly.

04/12/2016 15:07
S. Clements Gray Verified

Medecine works great, no side effects

29/11/2016 09:22
Anonymous Verified

Excellent product very promptly despatched.

01/11/2016 17:08
Anonymous Verified


19/09/2016 15:56
Anonymous Verified

Great super speed service, will always buy from Dr Fox.

01/09/2016 22:34
H. Fowler Verified

Great antibiotic - am resistant or allergic to all the others

16/08/2016 17:25
Anonymous Verified


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