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Atovaquone 250mg/Proguanil 100mg

So far so good. Been a great servicevening!

23/06/2017 14:23
S. Cox Verified

Atovaquone 250mg/Proguanil 100mg

Great price, effective and no side effects for me

29/03/2017 13:48
Anonymous Verified

Atovaquone 250mg/Proguanil 100mg

I ordered maleria tablets in plenty of time. When they didn't arrive a week before I was due to travel I emailed. I recieved an email back almost immediately apologising and saying more would be dispatched straight away. When I still hadn't recieved them the day before I am due to travel I emailed again. I was informed that I had recieved them via a neighbour the week before and was shown a receipt of some kind of childish squiggle. I emailed back to say I had not and this was not the case, no neighbour had recieved them and I was also in all day. I heard nothing back despite 3 emails to try and rectify, i was basically cut off after they decided i had recieved them. so travelling to Gambia with no maleria protection as it was too late or order more elsewhere. Thank you very much Dr Fox. I wont come back to you again.

Dr Fox response:
Thank you for your review, and we are extremely sorry we let you down on this occasion. Customer service have made contact and refunded the order plus compensation, and will raise the issue with Royal Mail.

19/03/2017 18:04
D. Harrison Verified

Malarone 250mg/100mg Glaxo

Malarone is the only medication I would take when visiting 'malaria areas' It has no side effects and you only need 1 tablet per day and for 1 week on return. I would never use anything else

13/03/2017 12:54
A. Rollason Verified

Atovaquone 250mg/Proguanil 100mg

I took the pills as prescribed and did not get malaria.

07/01/2017 03:09
S. Widdows Verified

Atovaquone 250mg/Proguanil 100mg

Arrived as expected.

06/12/2016 15:06
Anonymous Verified

Atovaquone 250mg/Proguanil 100mg

Good product always arrive very quickly used a few times now never been disappointed

24/11/2016 17:45
Anonymous Verified

Atovaquone 250mg/Proguanil 100mg

great no side affects

10/11/2016 10:59
Anonymous Verified

Atovaquone 250mg/Proguanil 100mg

Does what it's supposed to, as far as I can tell.

07/11/2016 10:40
Anonymous Verified

Atovaquone 250mg/Proguanil 100mg

Have used this product on five previous holidays and have suffered no side effects, excellent product.

04/10/2016 09:34
A. Roose Verified

Atovaquone 250mg/Proguanil 100mg

Have taken this Generic product for the last four years on our trips to The Gambia and have had no side effects.

04/10/2016 09:12
K. Tozer Verified

Atovaquone 250mg/Proguanil 100mg

Works fine for me with little/no side effects

18/09/2016 15:05
Anonymous Verified

Atovaquone 250mg/Proguanil 100mg

Well, we haven't got Malaria even though bitten!

05/09/2016 12:17
Anonymous Verified

Atovaquone 250mg/Proguanil 100mg

Good product Does same job as ordered original product

01/09/2016 11:46
G. Rotuska-Mwalabu Verified


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