The morning after pill on prescription – emergency contraception

Dr Fox provides the morning after pill on prescription. This allows women to be prepared by having the morning after pill for use at short notice when they might need it.

The morning after pill (Levonelle) is a single dose tablet of a hormone which when taken early after intercourse will normally prevent pregnancy. Dr Fox gives advice on when and how to take the morning after pill. This emergency contraception is supplied to eligible women after they complete a short online consultation. Dr Fox also provides 3-months of regular contraception.
How to order
Women obtaining the morning after pill are advised to take it as soon as possible after intercourse has taken place. This service does not replace the need for regular contraception but does help protect women who for any reason might have had intercourse and risk pregnancy.

Emergency contraception is effective if used within 72 hours of intercourse.

Women who choose to obtain the morning after pill online can take it straight away when they need it. They do not need to worry about getting an emergency doctors appointment or finding a dispensing pharmacy at short notice.

If a woman is concerned that she may be at the risk of becoming pregnant after intercourse she is unlikely to want to be put to the trouble of organising a supply of the morning after pill. Having a standby supply of emergency contraception puts the mind at rest. It also avoids undue delays when time is of the essence.

The effectiveness of the morning after pill in preventing pregnancy falls the longer the delay in taking it. Levonelle (The morning after pill) is 95% effective if taken with 12 hours. This falls to 58% at 72 hours. Days and half days matter.

A woman who has a supply of the morning after pill at home can take at the optimum time, the morning after.

It is made clear during the Dr Fox consultation process that emergency contraception is no substitute for regular contraception. Women needing the morning after pill more that a few times a year would be better advised to take advice about regular contraception.

The delivery of medicine in the posted through the Dr Fox website usually takes a day or 2 to arrive and this delay means women in immediate need of the morning after pill are advised not to obtain the morning after pill through Dr Fox for immediate use. They are advised to see their regular doctor on and emergency basis or to find a dispensing pharmacist who can provide the morning after pill. Both these options may be difficult to find, particularly if woman lives in the country, it is the weekend or she is away from home.

Dr Fox supplies up to 3 doses of the morning after pill at any one time. This means a woman can use the emergency contraception once and have a supply in reserve. It also means that if a woman vomits within 3 hours of taking the morning after pill she will be able to repeat the dose.

Women using the online consultation service of Dr fox are advised on the safe use of medicine. Checks are carried out before prescriptions are issued. Genuine medicine is supplied from our registered pharmacy.

The emergency contraceptive service provided by Dr Fox reduces the pressure on NHS emergency services, saves the NHS money, puts women’s minds at rest and reduces unwanted pregnancy.