Dr Deborah Lee

Dr Deborah Lee

Sexual and Reproductive Health Specialist, Medical Writer, GMC no. 3129913

Having worked for many years in the NHS, mostly as Lead Clinician within an integrated Community Sexual Health Service, Dr Deborah Lee now works as a health and medical writer, with an emphasis on women's health, including medical content for Dr Fox pharmacy. She has published several books and remains passionate about all aspects of medicine and sexual health.

After completing her Medical Degree at University of Southampton Medical School in 1986, Dr Lee trained as a GP and after a number of years specialised in Sexual & Reproductive Health (S&RH).

S&RH is a very broad speciality which includes for example: Gynaecology and Medical Gynaecology, all types and aspects of contraceptive care including coils and implants, dealing with unplanned pregnancies, abnormal smears, screening and treating STIs in both males and females, Young People's Sexual Health, Sexual Assault, and in particular Menopause Care - which has been her special interest. Dr Lee set up and ran her own specialist menopause clinic.

During this time, Dr Lee wrote extensively, and had numerous medical publications, as well as working as sub editor for a medical journal. She has also written articles for The Huffington Post under the pseudonym Daisy Mae.

Medical education and training has also been a large part of Dr Lee's professional career. She has been a Contraception & Sexual Health Trainer, a Faculty Examiner, and a Training Programme Director.