Anti-histamine tablets and prescription hay fever treatment online

Hay fever consultation online. Dr Fox supplies medicine on prescription for the treatment of hay fever. This includes hay fever tablets antihistamine tablets, eye-drops hay fever eye drops and steroid and antihistamine hay fever nasal sprays hay fever nasal sprays.

The Dr Fox also provides information and links to reliable medical information online. The hay fever anti-histamine tablets include Cetirizine, Loratadine and Telfast the eye drops include Rapitil and Sodium Cromoglycate and Optilast and the nasal sprays are Beconnase, Avamys and Rhinolast.

Every year in the spring there is a steady stream of patients coming to the GP with their hay fever. The sore eyes, runny nose and irritation of hay fever is often well established by the time people get their appointments. People seeing their doctors for hay fever often know the anit-histamine tablets they need.

If people could get thier treatments earlier they would be better off. We believe patients should have the choice to get the hay fever treatment they need as soon as they get symptoms.

The treatment of most hay fever is usually routine. Doctors usually prescribes an anti-histamine tablet or hay fever eye drops and hay fever nasal sprays. Doctors sometimes advise a combination of two or all three.

Hay fever is one of those things that seem to be on the increase. Every year more people need hay fever treatment. More people could quite safely get advice and prescription anit-histamine treatments online. This would free up GP time and save the NHS money.

More importantly people with hay fever would get the treatment they need early. They would also get a choice of hay fever tablets, hay fever eye drops and nasal sprays.

The choice is important. For reasons that are not fully understood it is not unusual for a hay fever tablet that worked one year to stop working the next. A person might get on well with one type tablet or hay fever spray or eye drop and not with another. Patients may get a reaction to one treatment and not to another.

Hay fever treatment is one of those areas where trial and error and mixing or treatments is often needed. When patients have a choice they can find the treatment that is right for them. They can do this online when they may be reluctant to trouble their GP. This saves NHS money and time.

Before Dr Fox supplies prescription medicine for hay fever checks are carried out online to make sure the treatment is suitable. Genuine medicine is posted out from a registered NHS pharmacy.

When it comes to treating some simple conditions online prescriptions services have advantages.