Acid Reflux Treatment

Treament of acid reflux

Dr Fox supplies Zantac tablets on prescription and Losec for the treatment of acid reflux.

The tablets we supply are genuine and posted from our UK online pharmacy.

Low prices for Zantac tablets 150mg includes the prescription cost. We supply Zantac and Losec 10mg in convenient large quantities.
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What is acid reflux?

The stomach produces acid to aid the digestion of food. When Acid refluxes up into the gullet (oesophagus) or up to the back of the throat it produces inflammation and pain. This is acid reflux. It is also called heartburn and acid indigestion.

Symptoms of acid reflux

Symptoms vary from person to person. In mild cases there might be an occasional feeling of burning behind the breastbone (Sternum). This might be brought on by a spicy meal or a few drinks. In more severe cases acid reflux produces severe, sometimes constant, pain. This pain may extend from the stomach to the back of the throat. Occasionally acid can reflux into the back of the throat where it burns and produces an unpleasant acid taste.

Most people have experienced acid reflux symptoms at some time. In most cases a few antacid tablets will settle the symptoms.

Acid reflux treatment

Mild symptoms usually improve with antacid tablets. These are the familiar chalky tablets or liquids.

In the last few decades’ newer drugs have been developed that stop acid being produced. Technically these medicines are either H2 blockers of proton pump inhibitors. For more information see NHS Choices acid reflux pages.

Zantac tablets are H2 blockers. They suppress acid production for about 12 hours. Zantac 150mg tablets are usually taken twice a day.

Losec capsules are proton pump inhibitors. Losec capsules 10mg suppress acid reflux symptoms for about 24 hours. Losec is usually taken once daily.

Side effects of Zantac and Losec

acid reflux treatment

Zantac tablets and Losec are some of the most widely prescribed drugs in the Western world. They have excellent safety records. However there are occasional side effects. People taking regular prescribed medication may need to be aware of drug interactions. Details of side effects of Zantac tablets and Losec and interactions can be found in the Patient information leaflets: Zantac and Losec.

Self treatment of acid reflux

People who take suppressant acid reflux treatment should be aware there are some situations where a doctor should be consulted. This applies if symptoms start for the first time in older people (over 45 years). Self-treatment is not recommended where reflux symptoms do not settle after a few days or if tablets are required too frequently.

Dr Fox supplies Zantac tablets on prescription for occasional use only. Advice about taking Zantac and Losec is given during the online consultation process.

Zantac from online pharmacies

Online pharmacies can supply Losec and Zantac without prescriptions. This usually works out to be more expensive than the same medication on prescription. Dr Fox supplies genuine medicine from our UK online pharmacy. These are not generic copies.

The UK drug company GlaxoSmithKline makes Zantac tablets. Losec comes from AstraZeneca.

The chemical name of Zantac is ranitidine; of Losec, omeprazole.

There are no more effective acid reflux treatments either on prescription or direct from pharmacies.