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This product definitely works as I have not used it for sometime because it is so expensive however I have noticed my hair has started to grow back! So I will definitely be reordering and continuing with this treatment even though it is costly

21/09/2017 13:34
J. Jinks Verified

Works well

02/09/2017 23:59
Anonymous Verified

This product works well to keep unwanted facial hair at bay

31/07/2017 07:34
Anonymous Verified

good product. does what it is for.

26/07/2017 06:31
Anonymous Verified

Does what it says on the tube. My facial hair has gone almost completely using this and electrolosis

06/07/2017 23:12
Anonymous Verified

I have found Vaniqa cream to be life-changing. It has made a massive difference to my face and my confidence (I am in my 50s with an underactive thyroid and PCO, with pale skin and dark hair). It has taken about five months to get a satisfactory result and I have only been using it once a day instead of twice a day as prescribed, because I found that all the hair follicles died under my skin and went septic very quickly and I had terrible spots as a result. I would therefore recommend that you start using just a tiny amount mixed into your usual moisturiser and gradually increase the amount you use over time. Definitely give it 6 months - I have had amazing results and feel normal for the first time in years.

29/03/2017 16:53
Anonymous Verified

i am very pleased with this product and i was very glad to have been able to purchase this here and feel it is well worth the money as it is started to help me enourmousley my skin is so much beeter also as i also have smoother skin, as well as the excesses horrible facial hair having to continually shave my face and left with a rough stubble all round top marks to this and doctor fox

23/03/2017 12:04
S. Lafferty Verified

Very happy with the results and delivery

22/11/2016 09:45
Anonymous Verified

excellent product, but you are best to use for at least 2 months for best results.

06/11/2016 15:37
Anonymous Verified

This product has worked wonders for me. Hair growth has really reduced, lots of fair hair on cheeks, side of jaw and dark hair on upper lip much less than before. After years of electrolysis finally feel I am making a difference. Skin is dry with it but rather have that than the excess hair which was so upsetting and embarrassing.

06/10/2016 22:00
Anonymous Verified


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