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very good product

10/11/2017 11:48
Anonymous Verified

It really acts quickly reducing the pain.

07/11/2017 12:28
Anonymous Verified


05/11/2017 15:21
E. Kruczkiewicz Verified

Cleared quickly

24/10/2017 16:23
Anonymous Verified

Worked quickly and felt so much better

13/10/2017 13:16
Anonymous Verified

thank you so much it saved me from suffering an extra six days before my results came back from hospital I knew it was positive as I tested my own pee twice

11/10/2017 14:59
I. Thorpe Verified

Works like magic

08/10/2017 17:20
Anonymous Verified

Completely effective.

07/10/2017 07:32
Anonymous Verified

IImpressive professional service-will use again.

06/10/2017 12:32
A. Morgan Verified

Works well for mild cystitis. Very useful when travelling as it is not always easy to get to a doctor or pharmacy and it is best to start the treatment as soon as symptoms develop.

01/10/2017 13:30
Anonymous Verified

Quick relief from cystitis symptoms and Dr. Fox is the best website for online medication... life saver without a doubt. Thank you very much.

01/10/2017 08:37
Anonymous Verified

Very good thank you Dr Fox

27/09/2017 15:59
Anonymous Verified

These pills work very quickly to give relief from symptons.

22/09/2017 12:25
Anonymous Verified

I used this product which I had on standby for a uti this summer on holiday. It cleared up quickly.

19/09/2017 18:16
R. Plane Verified

life saver

04/09/2017 10:11
Anonymous Verified

Have these on standby if I feel the onset of at UTI. Much better to have these available quickly than having to wait to get an appointment at my doctors surgery, which is usually a week. Trimethoprim is very effective and usually after the first day, I feel some relief from the symptoms.

29/08/2017 04:22
Anonymous Verified

Worked well and I started to feel better pretty fast.

26/08/2017 09:17
Anonymous Verified

very good as to have these as a standby as you cannot always get to see GP the same day as infection starts and becomes very uncomfortable.

22/08/2017 09:20
Anonymous Verified

Efficient delivery, effective service.

13/08/2017 09:33
Anonymous Verified

Recommended by a friend - service as she said - excellent

07/08/2017 11:16
Anonymous Verified

Always works!

05/08/2017 21:22
Anonymous Verified

I only use this occasionally as I seem prone to water infections 2 or 3 times a year. Fast effective relief from symptoms and fast delivery

03/08/2017 12:39
S. Mumby Verified

Trimethoprim clears my Urine Infection quickly and allows me to get back to normal.

22/07/2017 20:54
Anonymous Verified

Only thing that works! Easy to order and quick delivery. Thank you.

22/07/2017 09:57
Anonymous Verified

These 6 tablets are a lifeline for me, I always need backup tablets and these 6 tablets give me peace of mind

11/07/2017 09:01
Anonymous Verified

Product didn't clear up my uti.

Dr Fox response:
Thank you for your review. We would suggest visit your doctor as tests and alternative treatment may be needed.

04/07/2017 14:27
D. Walters Verified

Excellent, works fast and no worries about finding time to get to doctors surgery.

26/06/2017 12:27
Anonymous Verified

Help me very quickly to get over the infection

23/06/2017 19:01
Anonymous Verified

Got rid of my cystitis symptoms by the end of the first day! Such a relief. Great product, only takes 3 days to complete and arrived quickly too!

21/06/2017 15:37
Anonymous Verified

Easy and quick to order

15/06/2017 12:02
Anonymous Verified

recommended product.

14/06/2017 19:45
Anonymous Verified

Was of great assistance in helping with cystisis.

11/06/2017 19:58
Anonymous Verified

Fast delivery..thank you

20/05/2017 18:29
G. McGill Verified

Very effective

13/05/2017 22:03
J. Siddons Verified

This product is a really good treatment, as you take only two tablets a day with minimal side effects.

11/05/2017 14:26
Anonymous Verified

Fantastic did the job with a little help from cranberry tablets thank you

09/05/2017 14:24
S. Pyne Verified

Great service. Had UTI before but getting the trimethoprim prescription from doctor is most times a week and half before lab results etc come back. I was due to go on holiday with a friend and sharing a room/bathrrom was making me anxious and on point of cancelling the break. Saw this web site and everything was simple and straight forward, tablets arrived within a couple of days, Thank you.

18/04/2017 10:21
A. Langford Verified

Easy to use tablets. Great service very professional and super quick delivery. Would highly recommend

12/04/2017 14:32
L. Mowle Verified

great service will definitely use again

06/04/2017 20:30
Anonymous Verified

100% effective

04/04/2017 20:10
Anonymous Verified

Very good service. Keep these by for unexpected uti. Can treat straight away.

21/03/2017 12:00
Anonymous Verified

works very very well no complaints

11/03/2017 20:38
Anonymous Verified

perfect quick delivery

10/03/2017 11:26
Anonymous Verified

Great. Cleared up my uti that I get every now and again.

08/03/2017 11:38
Anonymous Verified

Gives a speedy relief from the infection every time

03/03/2017 12:21
Anonymous Verified

Works wonders gets rind of the problem ordering simple easy and quick

11/02/2017 15:55
S. Baxter Verified

Item ordered 21/01/17 didn't arrive and after calling the centre on the 27th i was told it had been sent out on the 23rd. I was assured another item would arrive the following day by special deliver, it didn't arrive until the 30th, both items together. I was asked to return one of them at my own expense or pay for both which I did. Needless to say the medication arrived to late as I had to go to my GP for a prescription.

09/02/2017 11:06
C. Marsh Verified

Works quite well for me

02/02/2017 19:13
Anonymous Verified

Plagued by these little infections and don't have the complete and utter hassle of trying to see a Doctor.

24/01/2017 13:56
Anonymous Verified

Worked as I new it would.Thank you.

20/01/2017 15:06
Anonymous Verified

Fast acting.

17/01/2017 17:07
Anonymous Verified

Works quickly with no side effects.

12/01/2017 06:52
Anonymous Verified

After waiting four day to get my GP to prescribe me these tablets for a severe UTI (which he only gave me two days worth!) I discovered DrFox has a three day course of exactly the same drug. So I ordered it just before Christmas as I didn't want to get struck again and have to wait ages. Pleased I did as I've just finished there course of treatment before it gets really bad again. Delivered really quickly, just before Christmas, excellent!

06/01/2017 00:29
Anonymous Verified

Great service. Speedy delivery even at Christmas time

04/01/2017 17:09
Anonymous Verified

Very good work fast

03/01/2017 21:34
Anonymous Verified

Did the trick!

31/12/2016 13:40
Anonymous Verified

Very good pills

28/12/2016 19:36
J. Talbot Verified

Excellent and service, many thanks

28/12/2016 15:20
Anonymous Verified

Very effective and eases symptoms very quickly. Excellent product

26/12/2016 17:52
Anonymous Verified

Fast, efficient service. Worked within 24hrs. Would definitely recommend this product for cystitis.

24/12/2016 17:09
Anonymous Verified

Excellent product

18/12/2016 18:41
Anonymous Verified

Works quickly and effectively when infection has set in.

17/12/2016 13:57
Anonymous Verified

Brilliant product

16/12/2016 12:07
Anonymous Verified

Excellent product, always clears up the discomfort

14/12/2016 15:14
Anonymous Verified

Works well for me.

08/12/2016 12:14
Anonymous Verified


18/11/2016 11:38
W. Doubleday Verified

Great product

08/11/2016 05:44
T. Greaves Verified

Fast efficient order and delivery

02/11/2016 18:45
Anonymous Verified

Completely effective treatment.

04/10/2016 09:35
J. Howard Verified

Excellent, cured in 3 days

02/10/2016 10:15
Anonymous Verified

Works every time !

27/09/2016 01:44
Anonymous Verified

Excellent - improvement within 24 hours

26/09/2016 09:09
Anonymous Verified

Excellent fast working antibiotic for cystitis.

23/09/2016 12:53
Anonymous Verified

Helped as expected within the three days stated

15/09/2016 15:32
C. Hunter Verified

I ordered these to keep as a standby as every few months I will get a bout of Cystitis and rather than waste my Doctors time I have them already

13/09/2016 23:56
Anonymous Verified

Excellent service for a very satisfactory medication.

05/09/2016 13:06
Anonymous Verified

Fast efficient service, speed of delivery is so important. Completely satisfied with product and service.

01/09/2016 22:35
H. Fowler Verified

Cures my cystitis very quickly.

01/09/2016 12:30
Anonymous Verified

Fantastic thank you so much

25/08/2016 18:27
Anonymous Verified

again all round good service with uk licenced gps happy with service and products

07/08/2016 20:59
S. Lafferty Verified

Excellent fait and efficient service.

20/07/2016 15:40
Anonymous Verified


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