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Sumatriptan 100mg tablets

I don't know how I'd cope without these. They're the only thing that I can take that does anything. Sometimes they do make me drowsy but I can often function pretty normally even with the worst of migraines

19/07/2021 09:40
E. Trott Verified

Sumatriptan 100mg tablets

Brilliant service, been using it for many years, cuts out going to the doctors and picking up the prescription, very happy with Dr fox.

11/07/2021 08:38
J. Pearson Verified

Sumatriptan 50mg tablets

These tablets always get rid of any impending Migraine or one that has already started

17/06/2021 15:43
I. Emm Verified

Sumatriptan 100mg tablets

Excellent service

07/06/2021 08:45
Anonymous Verified

Sumatriptan 50mg tablets

The best pills for migraines

02/06/2021 17:20
S. Halford Verified

Sumatriptan 100mg tablets

Perfect! Item arrived quickly and is exactly as described.

26/05/2021 16:06
B. Esaw Verified

Sumatriptan 100mg tablets

Excellent thanks

16/05/2021 08:22
S. Horn Verified

Sumatriptan 100mg tablets

Excellent product that reverses migraine headaches extremely quickly. No side effects at all but understand that might not be the same for everyone.

04/05/2021 14:15
Anonymous Verified

Sumatriptan 100mg tablets

These are the only pills which stop the onset of a migraine, for me. Without them, I am looking at spending at least 4 days in bed, not being able to move. They make such an impact on my quality of life.

30/04/2021 15:32
L. Tonkin Verified

Sumatriptan 100mg tablets

Works quickly and carries no side effects on me! Great service too!

23/04/2021 07:32
P. Thurston Verified

Sumatriptan 100mg tablets

This works very well at aborting a migraine, provided it has not reached the vomiting stage.

22/04/2021 20:33
J. Hare Verified

Sumatriptan 100mg tablets

As long as you take them when you feel symptoms starting they are amazing!

29/03/2021 15:18
Anonymous Verified

Sumatriptan 50mg tablets

Excellent great service

15/02/2021 18:30
C. Fellowes Verified

Sumatriptan 100mg tablets

Excellent product

12/02/2021 12:08
Anonymous Verified

Sumatriptan 100mg tablets

Very professional service thank you

12/02/2021 07:43
D. Jack Verified

Sumatriptan 100mg tablets

I recently ordered for the first time and am extremely impressed with both the product and tracked delivery service, which was very fast. I shall certainly be placing another order in the very near future. Thank you.

05/02/2021 03:17
Anonymous Verified

Sumatriptan 100mg tablets

I've had migraines for a couple of decades and I've tried a range of migraine medications. This is the first one that's worked for me without significant drowsy side-effects. Alleviates it completely and quickly. I get mild side-effects of a slight painless tingling around my sinuses but it's not disruptive and it's infinitely preferable to a migraine!

31/01/2021 19:24
Anonymous Verified

Sumatriptan 100mg tablets

Works within half a hour

29/01/2021 22:05
Anonymous Verified

Sumatriptan 100mg tablets

Last resort for migraines as they make me feel very strange but gets rid of my migraine with 1 tablet. Such a relief after taking several doses of other pain killers and having days of misery.

04/01/2021 17:26
M. West Verified

Sumatriptan 100mg tablets

Quick secure delivery

03/01/2021 20:15
Anonymous Verified


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