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Spedra rated 6.85/10 in 59 reviews from verified Dr Fox customers.

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Fantastic medicine !! It works for me!

18/12/2017 15:48
Anonymous Verified

personally preferred Sildenafil

26/11/2017 15:07
Anonymous Verified

didnt really work for me

18/11/2017 11:40
Anonymous Verified

Did not work very well for me

Dr Fox response:
Thank you for your review, and sorry you were disappointed with the tablets. There can be many reasons why erectile dysfunction tablets do not have the desired effect on any given occasion. Please contact our doctors if you would like to discuss. All medicine is UK licensed and supplied from a UK pharmacy. Unwanted medicine can be returned for a refund. Regards - Dr Fox team.

24/10/2017 10:19
Anonymous Verified

Works well.

18/10/2017 10:53
Anonymous Verified

Less effective than Levitra or Sildenafil in my case.

13/10/2017 12:57
Anonymous Verified

Works well

12/10/2017 18:39
Anonymous Verified

Worked well

10/10/2017 03:06
Anonymous Verified

excellent results

09/10/2017 17:30
Anonymous Verified

Just didn't work for me. I'll be sticking with Sildenafil in future.

23/08/2017 15:44
Anonymous Verified

fast and min side effects

19/08/2017 11:06
Anonymous Verified

Not for me, just doesn't work.

08/08/2017 16:57
Anonymous Verified

I could not tell if this really works.

02/08/2017 02:59
Anonymous Verified

Not for me,just not strong enough for a good erection

20/07/2017 14:24
Anonymous Verified

No side effects

16/07/2017 21:25
Anonymous Verified

Great value and quality

14/07/2017 20:11
Anonymous Verified

Tried this after mixed results with viagra substitute and this has worked a treat. Would recommend..

07/07/2017 11:07
Anonymous Verified

These pills were very weak.

05/07/2017 17:35
R. Palinkas Verified

Fast delivery and as described

14/06/2017 18:52
Anonymous Verified

Fair product

07/06/2017 19:06
Anonymous Verified


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