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So effective in preventing seasickness, a real must if you are going on a ferry or cruise.

17/12/2017 16:20
Anonymous Verified

Very effective for offshore sailing

08/10/2017 11:57
Anonymous Verified

These patches worked for me and I am really pleased with the patches. Only problem is that throat gets very dry. I found sipping g water little at a time works well. I am wondering these again..

19/09/2017 10:56
Anonymous Verified

excellent product, will recommend.

11/09/2017 20:07
Anonymous Verified

actually works. tested on a 3day biscay crossing. first time Jake has managed to sail with me with our incessant use of the bucket.

08/08/2017 18:59
Anonymous Verified

Works great

08/07/2017 08:58
Anonymous Verified

These are very effective; we went to Antarctica, very rough seas for 48 hours, didn't miss a meal! Now always take some with us when we travel.

05/07/2017 14:33
Anonymous Verified

Absolutely brilliant the only travel sickness medication I have found to work. It makes travelling far more enjoyable and I no longer dread long journeys.

27/05/2017 10:31
P. Parsons Verified

wery good!!!!

22/05/2017 11:39
B. Gábor Verified

I have never been a good traveller and these patches are perfect. Love the fact you can put them on and they can last up to 72 hours. I never worry about travel sickness any more. Highly recommend.

08/05/2017 18:21
Anonymous Verified

does the job

03/03/2017 23:50
Anonymous Verified

very effective

12/02/2017 13:10
Anonymous Verified

These really do work, have made air travel so much easier

17/12/2016 20:27
Anonymous Verified

Worked well on our cruise

31/10/2016 10:33
Anonymous Verified

myself and my partner both suffer with Travel Sickness, we like to go on cruises but find we both suffer even on the calmest of seas, these patches work really well just pop one tiny patch behind your ear and no trouble with sickness for 3 days just replace with another patch behind the other ear and again 3 days free from any sickness

13/09/2016 23:53
C. Hickey Verified

No motion sickness using these

01/09/2016 00:01
A. Johnson Verified

good patches it help alot

28/07/2016 22:39
Anonymous Verified

100% work. Even in the most severe cases of motion sickness, these worked perfectly.

13/07/2016 09:53
Anonymous Verified


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