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good service at the top

10/10/2017 09:55
Anonymous Verified

The best product for hair loss

20/06/2017 21:28
J. Murray Verified

After 3 months, stopped my loss and some hair are growing back but very slowly.

20/06/2017 15:44
Anonymous Verified

This product is good and works. Cheers.

05/06/2017 17:25
Anonymous Verified

Fast service, fast delivery and fast approval.

28/05/2017 15:12
Anonymous Verified

Great product

16/03/2017 03:34
T. Piroska Verified

Writing review to help others with decisions. Have ordered brand name Propecia and generic Finasteride from Dr. Fox over last 2 years. Prior to using either hair had started noticeably shedding, and it took about 2 months on Propecia before shedding practically stopped. Did not notice any re-growth, but the shedding stopped. When generic came out I switched, and within a week started shedding (not as badly as before, but I could notice it). Held out until pills down and went back to Propecia and shedding stopped. So although chemical is the same, they work differently for me. Personal result only of course! In my case will stay with Propecia. Dr. Fox ordering is always on time and cheaper than other sites.

05/02/2017 18:39
Anonymous Verified

i guess it kind of works? not sure tbh.

22/01/2017 12:56
Anonymous Verified

Nothing happened for the first 3-4 months but now my hair loss has stopped. I can't say I've noticed any regrowth but I can definitely say there is much much less hair loss.

30/12/2016 14:43
G. Clapham Verified

It works !!!!!

06/12/2016 22:08
Anonymous Verified

Works but cheaper products are available

26/11/2016 09:27
Anonymous Verified

Easy to take. Well packaged.

23/11/2016 13:03
Anonymous Verified

Very good.

31/10/2016 05:43
Anonymous Verified

I saw a visible difference.

29/10/2016 22:33
M. Ahmed Verified

Good. But you have to use with hair nourishment to maximise the result.

28/10/2016 20:43
Anonymous Verified

really good

13/10/2016 18:11
S. Smith Verified

It does what it is suppose to do.

13/09/2016 15:37
Anonymous Verified

I Darnt stop using product it doesn't stop loosing hair at front of forehead but I'm sure it works on crown better

07/09/2016 22:10
Anonymous Verified


18/08/2016 11:03
A. Kinsman Verified


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