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Great product. Very quick delivery at an affordable price

11/12/2017 14:02
Anonymous Verified

Good but not 100% successful

07/12/2017 12:26
Anonymous Verified

Very good, having tried Cialis, Spedra and generic Viagra I found Levitra to be the most effective with minimal side effects.

23/11/2017 02:12
Anonymous Verified

Excellent service and excellent delivery

21/11/2017 22:30
Anonymous Verified

Works quickly, but can in some cases cause head aches and congestion the following day.

04/11/2017 14:42
Anonymous Verified

This is the third treatment I have tried as I wanted to give them all a go to find which one suited me best. I tried the generic viagra in 50mg which works but only for a couple of hours, even if I doubled the dose and then I just got a runny nose. Then I tried cialis which worked really well the first time but every time I tried it after then It had very poor results and twice nothing much at all apart from a bad headache! I have tried this levitra twice now at 20mg and it is by far the best. It stays active for longer and several hours after taking it. I am not sure if it's a psychological thing but it appears to improve sex drive. As I am on medications that reduce sex drive it's most welcome feeling to have that excited anticipation back, even if it is not a component directly related to Levitra. It's not the cheapest but it's well worth a try. Excellent service again from Dr Fox website, item arrived quickly and discretely, thank you

25/10/2017 14:35
Anonymous Verified

Does exactly what it says on the tin with fewer stuffy nose/flushed face/headache side effects - for me at any rate!

24/10/2017 19:13
Anonymous Verified

effective if timing is correct

22/10/2017 13:20
Anonymous Verified


20/10/2017 11:47
Anonymous Verified

Works well.

18/10/2017 10:54
Anonymous Verified

Nice no side affects

17/10/2017 16:09
D. Cheetham Verified

Works great for a youthful 50 something. Made me feel far more confident and capable in the bedroom.

13/10/2017 19:08
Anonymous Verified


13/10/2017 12:57
Anonymous Verified

Very good would recommend.

09/10/2017 16:23
Anonymous Verified

Good item and works after half hour

18/09/2017 13:15
Anonymous Verified

works well and lasts.

22/08/2017 08:38
Anonymous Verified

Very good product, lasts a long time which is great!

01/08/2017 11:22
Anonymous Verified

it si very effective with no subside affects

31/07/2017 10:55
Anonymous Verified

Best product ever! Has never let me down. :-()

27/07/2017 14:57
Anonymous Verified

A bit hit and miss with these,sometimes fine but other times they dont have the desired effect.

20/07/2017 14:28
Anonymous Verified

It works,nice medication that is not too strong and comfortable to use.

18/07/2017 00:10
E. Jones Verified

Ok but not brilliant

17/07/2017 19:06
Anonymous Verified

Great product and price

14/07/2017 20:10
Anonymous Verified

Nothing much shame

Dr Fox response:
Thank you for your review. You should try again and if still unsuccessful perhaps try a higher dose. You should also discuss with your doctor, or contact our doctors via the messaging system in your My Account area.

07/07/2017 00:38
Anonymous Verified

Very good tablets and great service

06/07/2017 21:43
Anonymous Verified

Tried several products before Levitra with little satisfaction. Levitra is, for me, excellent, giving good, long lasting results. Highly recommended.

05/07/2017 20:11
Anonymous Verified

Great stuff, this works and less side effects

03/07/2017 14:52
Anonymous Verified

Outstanding service, on time and professional. Product works very well.

02/07/2017 12:08
Anonymous Verified

excellent product

23/06/2017 22:30
Anonymous Verified

Not so bad, no side effects and work as should.

18/06/2017 01:41
Anonymous Verified

Dependable and durable , after only relatively short notice, without side-effects. Does what it says on the tin, for me, at any rate.

12/06/2017 13:53
Anonymous Verified

Great for erections BUT massive headaches!! Avoid

29/05/2017 14:13
Anonymous Verified

Awesome product, they work superbly everytime

29/05/2017 10:59
N. Plant Verified

Very positive results!

17/05/2017 06:01
Anonymous Verified

Works every time for me, and lasts 12hrs.

06/05/2017 16:30
Anonymous Verified

Made me hard for long time

30/04/2017 14:39
Anonymous Verified

Excellent working product

15/04/2017 07:02
Anonymous Verified

Superb result, very impressed and so was the wife

14/04/2017 16:20
Anonymous Verified

Good product, works well with no noticeable side effects.

09/04/2017 17:02
Anonymous Verified

Good for Diabetes Type 2

11/03/2017 16:18
Anonymous Verified

Did not work at all and left me with a upset stomach the next day. Had tried the weaker ones and they did not work but did not upset stomach so much.Now know it is the tablets so will be returning to Caliis.which do work and do not upset me as much

07/03/2017 09:59
Anonymous Verified

Worked well

01/03/2017 12:22
Anonymous Verified

Excellent product

20/02/2017 18:31
Anonymous Verified

This product is working very well

15/02/2017 12:14
Anonymous Verified

Works fine.

13/02/2017 06:55
Anonymous Verified

Great service.

02/02/2017 11:34
Anonymous Verified

Works for me far better than ALL OTHER ED medicines.

29/01/2017 19:38
Anonymous Verified

Works fine for me

17/01/2017 08:41
Anonymous Verified

Very hard results works for me

16/01/2017 14:23
Anonymous Verified

This product does exactly what it says. No issues for me. Very happy customer - will shop again.

08/01/2017 11:58
A. Stewart Verified

not bad but preferred cialis

06/01/2017 20:40
Anonymous Verified

fantastic so good for my sanity and self confidence

04/01/2017 22:54
P. GOMERY Verified

Very weak effect.

04/01/2017 21:39
Anonymous Verified

Works fine but not as good as others for me

04/01/2017 21:35
Anonymous Verified


22/12/2016 20:19
Anonymous Verified

Excellent product and service...delivered in a timely and discreet manner....would definitely use this service again and recommend it.

12/12/2016 14:54
Anonymous Verified

Excellent product

12/12/2016 10:56
Anonymous Verified

Good product works fine.

12/12/2016 09:04
Anonymous Verified

Love this stuff!! Works for me! No side effects at all! Dr Fox great! Thanks

07/12/2016 06:23
Anonymous Verified

Works for me! Nil side effects at all! Dr Fox a great service! Thanks

07/12/2016 06:20
Anonymous Verified

It certainly has helped me.

27/11/2016 14:24
Anonymous Verified

effective with little or no side effects

16/11/2016 21:00
Anonymous Verified

Worked very well and less side effects than Cialis for me

14/11/2016 19:07
Anonymous Verified

Good product.Very reliable.Can give sniffy nose but no problem

05/11/2016 08:54
Anonymous Verified

Seems to work better for me than Silendafil (Viagra), but sometimes a slight "hangover" type feeling the next day. On the whole they work better for me than the alternatives and are the best option.

02/11/2016 13:51
R. Smith Verified

All good Prompt delivery

26/10/2016 19:43
Anonymous Verified

Good product

19/10/2016 10:12
Anonymous Verified

Very good product

05/10/2016 10:02
Anonymous Verified

V good no side effects for me

04/10/2016 15:04
Anonymous Verified

Good product but not as effective as others

01/10/2016 08:39
Anonymous Verified

Tried Viagra,Spedra,and now this product.It,s no better than the previous two,if anything,Spedra worked better.Ive yet to try cialis but the price for this product,with no greater effect,but with the usual side effects,face redness,etc makes this an overrated,expensive alternative.

19/09/2016 14:39
Anonymous Verified

Very poor results but perhaps Levitra was not suitable to me ?

15/09/2016 23:12
Anonymous Verified

good product

14/09/2016 14:45
Anonymous Verified

very effective indeed and no side effects

14/09/2016 11:34
Anonymous Verified

this product worked well

13/09/2016 21:30
Anonymous Verified


02/09/2016 21:32
Anonymous Verified

prefer viagra

20/08/2016 20:18
P. Haworth Verified

very good

18/08/2016 20:47
Anonymous Verified

worked well very satisfied

17/08/2016 21:16
Anonymous Verified


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