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Betnovate rated 4.73/5 in 41 reviews from verified Dr Fox customers.

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Very good cream

15/11/2023 16:36
J. Singh Verified


Is the only product that alleviates the eczema on my foot.

05/11/2023 16:23
L. Hammond Verified


Betnovate soothes and eases my eczma flare-ups with-in a few days of using it.

19/10/2023 19:32
Anonymous Verified


Very good takes away the itch instantly

13/10/2023 09:57
S. Hunter Verified


Betnovate is a very good product to help me with my eczema

01/10/2023 08:22
L. Muller Verified


The only ointment that clears my mild eczema

25/09/2023 11:58
Anonymous Verified


First class as always and service second to none. Keep up the fantastic work.

20/09/2023 10:36
K. Craig Verified


Excellent service

11/09/2023 12:29
Anonymous Verified


excellent service

07/09/2023 18:54
Anonymous Verified


Excellent. It really does the trick.

02/09/2023 20:03
A. Fellowes Verified


Excellent cream clears up my psoriasis

02/09/2023 12:28
I. Hall Verified


My GP prescribed Dermovate for my Discoid eczema but I won't use as it is super strong, this Betnovate does the job perfectly, kills the itch and gets rid of inflamation, thank you Dr Fox, fast discreet delivery, would highly recommend

20/08/2023 17:27
C. Parson Verified


Good service

18/08/2023 09:26
Anonymous Verified


absolutely brill, best price and magic

15/08/2023 21:56
C. Probin Verified


Excellent service and delivery service

28/07/2023 13:55
A. Burton Verified


This cream worked really quick , my other creams had stopped working and I decided to try this one and it was like instant relief my eczema stopped itching and I am really pleased with how quick it worked .

27/07/2023 09:06
S. Mcculloch Verified


Does the trick. Non greasy

18/07/2023 21:47
Anonymous Verified


Excellent for eczema

04/07/2023 16:23
Anonymous Verified


Quick delivery and effective treatment

28/06/2023 21:11
Anonymous Verified


Betamethasone is fantastic for my husbands sore dry and flaky legs. The NHS cannot get this anymore and it was getting desperate. Wonderful product.

20/06/2023 14:56
M. Bourne Verified


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